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What Is Kabbalah?

If you haven’t a clue what Kabbalah is all about you’re not alone.  Most people have never heard of it.  Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Rosie O’Donnel, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are heavily into Kabbalah or what is actually Jewish mysticism.   Even NAR “Prophet” Church Pierce is into Jewish mysticism. To learn more about this occult practice, […]

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When truth tellers are no longer “on fire”

A friend of mine recently stated, “if a Christian is unable or unwilling to exercise discernment, there is no way they can do apologetics.”  I am finding that in an increasing number of cases leaders who were once able are becoming unwilling. The ways of the world and the desire to be liked have all […]

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The “all-knowing” Google now the discerner of Truth

With billions depending on the world’s iconic search engine for virtually every tidbit of information under the sun, Google is looking to take it one step further with its new “truth-seeking algorithm” that will rank sites by what it considers to be truth. Many are concerned with the massive Internet information storehouse’s newest endeavor, especially […]

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“But did you pray for the wolf?”

If you contend for the faith, you may have heard this from those who question why you would dare to question the teachings of leaders – teachings that don’t line up with Scripture. This phrase is nothing more than a post-modern guilt trip, designed to make sure you look more loving and virtuous than those […]

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‘The way to go:’ St. Paul schools give transgender students access to any bathroom, locker room

By Steve Gunn, editor-in-chief of EAGnews ST. PAUL, Minn. – The people of Minnesota apparently don’t like it, and the state may ban it, but the St. Paul school board adopted a new policy Tuesday giving transgender students access to the restroom and locker room facilities of their choice, regardless of their biological gender. That […]

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For and against

What you’re for and against?

Have you heard the term, “you ought to be standing for what you are for, rather than what you are against”?  Pastor Chris Quintana, who is a strong contender and protector of his flock at Calvary Chapel in Cypress, Calif., penned this post: I’m “For” It.  by Pastor Chris I hear people say, from time […]

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Rabbi Cahn teams up with Father of “holy laughter”

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has teamed up again with Rodney Howard Browne to bring NAR Dominionism (that’s the Right-Wing kind) to Washington D.C. The last time we interviewed author Warren Smith, he warned us about “Holy Laughter” guru Rodney Howard Browne’s star-studded two-week “Celebrate America” event over the 4th of July last summer (2014) in Washington […]

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