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Ashley Madison adultery site hacked: adulterers upset

“Millions of users of the infidelity website may have good reason to be worried as cybercrime experts warn that ‘Impact Team’ may be focused on blackmail,” warns the secular news sites. Of course, the spiritual danger of unrepentant sin is never addressed, but hey, let’s just worry about being caught. Ashley Madison, the adultery website […]

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Roman Soldiers

Talk show host Montel Williams compares gay marriage opponents to ISIS, Taliban

Over the weekend Montel Williams attacked the “uber-right” with all the vitriol he could muster.  What the “uber-liberal” talk show host said was chilling and will surely be the mantra of the far-left.  What he said will make your hair stand on end. The battle has begun in earnest.  Daily, put on the full armor of God my brethren. ChristianExaminer […]

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Blasphemy in Philadelphia

I’m not sure how I stumbled across this Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, but it’s even more shocking than someone selling me a prayer cloth on TBN. Located in the heart of Philadelphia.  It’s both a website and a shrine, one of the Catholic Church’s top tourist sites where people make pilgrimages by the […]

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Same-sex marriage

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pastor, Brian Brodersen, Says Sometimes It’s OK to Attend a Homosexual Wedding

(Lighthouse Trails Research) On Friday, a long-time Lighthouse Trails reader contacted our office regarding the following situation. The person who called had attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for several years but has not been attending for some time. According to an article titled “Can I Attend My LGBT Friend’s Wedding?” written by Calvary Chapel Costa […]

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Heart hard

Warnings Met With Deafness

Here’s another gem from the pen of Bill Muehlenberg.  In this piece over at Culture Watch, Bill addresses the sad fact that those of us in discernment ministries are having to “duck and cover” more and more these days.  But not from the bullets coming from secularists who hate the truth and attempt to shoot us down for declaring it. […]

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Wolf deceiving

MOVIEGUIDE Props Up Profane Preacher

Anyone who follows the news knows that mega pop-star Justin Bieber has made headlines for behaving badly.  What some of you may not know is that Justin’s a professing Christian.  Don’t stop reading here.  This isn’t about bad-boy Bieber.   What it’s about is his pastor, Judah Smith, who is a rising star in Christendom.  Smith […]

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