Band-Aids vs. Chemotherapy: Why Suffering Women are Drawn to False Doctrine and 7 Things We Can do to Help

Author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley reminds us that when women are suffering the spiritual forces of wickedness are never far away. They often exploit a woman’s pain “and can make things worse by molesting them spiritually,” says Lesley. Angels of darkness will send “false teachers to whisper sweetly in their ears, ‘It hurts, doesn’t it? But I can make all that pain go away, now.’”  But does God always make the pain go away, as false teachers that line their pockets exploiting vulnerable women promise, if you’ll just do this…or that?

In this excellent piece, Michelle Lesley offers 7 biblical things we can do to help women who are suffering.  She writes:

sadnessJoyce Meyer. Beth Moore. Paula White. Lysa TerKeurst. Christine Caine. What do all of these women have in common?

Yes, they’re all false teachers, but they’re also all victims of sexual abuse.

I haven’t conducted a scientific poll, survey, or longitudinal study, so my observations could be way off base, but I’ve been noticing lately – from hearing these women’s testimonies, reading comments on their blog articles, and talking to women who follow them – that women who have been sexually abused seem to be particularly vulnerable to “feel good” false doctrine.

And it’s not just victims of sexual abuse. It’s women who are suffering from the death of a child or spouse, divorce, infertility, illness, spousal abuse- all of those agonies that strike right at the core of women’s hearts. You’ll find them in droves at the conferences, book signings, and blogs of false teachers.

Why is that?

Because those things hurt. I mean, “I want to crawl under the covers and die,” hurt. “My life is over,” hurt. “An elephant is sitting on my chest and I can’t breathe,” hurt. These precious, beautiful souls God created for joy are walking through something no human being should ever have to experience.

And Satan, that evil beast, is right there to exploit their pain and make things worse by molesting them spiritually. He sends false teachers to whisper sweetly in their ears, “It hurts, doesn’t it? But I can make all that pain go away, now.

Let’s just be honest for a minute. That’s what we all want. I don’t care how doctrinally sound and spiritually mature you are- when excruciating pain explodes into your life, you don’t skip through the tulips to meet it with a smile on your face and a giddy tune on your lips. You just want it to go away. And like a confidence man with a wagon full of snake oil, false teachers are at the ready to offer a magic elixir that will miraculously cure what ails you. Instantly.

“You’re God’s masterpiece- His princess!”

“It’s never God’s will for you to suffer.”

“Just declare the things that are not as though they are!”

“God will give you back what you lost a hundredfold.”

“Sow a seed into my ministry and God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings!”

“Your words create reality. Just speak out what you want and you can have it!”

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper!”

“God wants to do the impossible in your life, so dream big dreams!”

In other words, “Just do or believe X. You’ll feel better and your situation will turn around. I suffered just like you did, and look what God did for me!” The only problem with that kind of teaching is…well…the Bible. The Bible doesn’t make that sort of promise to anyone, in fact it says just the opposite. Jesus promised us tribulation. James, various trials. Paul, persecution. Peter, suffering.

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7 years ago

Awesome article. There are times when one can’t share the depth of trial and hurt, because it is so personal and hard. Quick fixes or thoughtless words can cut even deeper into a wounded heart. Prayer and a hug can go a long way at those times.

7 years ago

Too bad the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ cannot do anything to deliver people from the evil they have suffered in this life… I guess we’ll all just have to suffer for Jesus sake and someday in the sweet by and by we can get over our hurts when we get to Heaven, someday.

7 years ago

And, NO I’m no fan of the emergent church either… but you folks need to get in to God’s Word concerning His promises – not everything is false teaching!

7 years ago


Obviously you have never read in the Bible where in the O.T. and N.T. true followers of the Lord suffered greatly. My wife and I attended a Prosperity Church many years ago. The pastor always promised health and wealth, but people still got ill, some died and the only ones living the prosperous life was the pastor. Maybe try to have a little compassion on those who are going thru pain in their lives.

Wanda MacGregor
Wanda MacGregor
6 years ago

There are decieving movements out there offering physical and energy healing.
Therapeutic touch and Reiki involve meditation and ‘energy healing ‘.
Although there is no mention of God or satan the unsuspecting participants
are leaving there bodies open to possession.
Therapeutic touch is based on the buddhist ritual of kundalini activation.
Group ‘clients’ are not educated in the fact that they are
involving their bodies in these rituals. Unsuspecting deceived people are
going to these meetings to aleve their physical ails.
Guard your hearts and your minds. Deception is everywhere !