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Berean Research News & Views is posted on Wednesdays to make conservative Christians aware of some important information we come across.  We encourage you to share BRNV with your friends.

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Christian Concerns About Fairness in Public Schools Are About Fairness, Not Fear By David French

Were you aware that Christian parents are in the grip of fear over Islamic indoctrination in public schools? Neither was I, and I live at ground zero of a raging controversy over the manner in which public schools teach Islam, Christianity, and other world religions. My home county, Maury County, Tenn., made headlines when parents objected to an assignment, to middle-school kids, to write the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith.

Ryan leads Republicans to defeat By Phyllis Schlafly

When Paul Ryan ran for speaker of the House of Representatives, he said Republicans “need to move from being an opposition party to being a proposition party.” After a record-breaking eight years as the top Republican on the House Budget Committee followed by a stint on Ways & Means, Ryan seemed well prepared to lead a newly energized House Republican majority toward reclaiming the power of the purse the framers of our Constitution vested in them…

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