Bevere & Vallotton: Two Feminists Intertwined

Bud Ahlheim exposes Bethel Church’s “Senior Associate Leader” Kris Vallotton’s “diabolical teaching.” So why would best-selling author, speaker and co-founder of Messenger International, Lisa Bevere, “blog-swap” with an uber wolf?  For those who are unfamiliar with Lisa Bevere, her teaching is worrisome to say the least.  Listen to Erin Benziger express some of her concerns:

Note some of the interesting claims and teachings Bevere espouses:

It’s your time. It’s time for the gift of God in your life to come forth. It’s time for the things that you have in your life to be released. Father, I speak to the gifts. I speak to the talents. I speak to the anointing. I speak to what you have given them to steward. I speak release. I bless these hands, Father, with the power of dominion.

Dominion? What does Lisa Bevere mean when she says this? (Source)

Erin provides a video clip that shows Bevere mishanding Scripture. Also in the clip Bevere claims to receive a message directly from the Holy Spirit.

So – now to Ahlheim’s piece:

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.  1 John 4:1

Associating with the likes of Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Christine Caine makes it evident that Lisa Bevere is not concerned about a well-credentialed, Biblically-sound reputation. One simply does not join with other false teachers unless, well … you get the idea.

John and Lisa Bevere

John and Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere and her husband, John, operate a ministry called Messenger International. The ministry’s website has a noble enough sounding mission statement: “Messenger International exists to help individuals, families, churches, and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God’s Word. This realization will result in lives empowered, communities transformed, and a dynamic response to the injustices plaguing our world.”

To go along with their lofty mission is the obligatory Statement of Beliefs …

Wait, there is no statement of beliefs. There’s no reference to the Bible as their authority. There’s no commentary about their allegiance to a historic confessional statement. Nothing. There is this, however,“Messenger International can be likened to a ship on a journey to see the eternal established on the earth.”  Smells like dominionism, huh?

Adding to her collection of false teacher associations, Bevere, on her blog on the “ministry” website, “blog-swapped” with another heretic, Kris Valotton. She’s “been fascinated by his teaching.” (Yeah, uh-huh. I’m fascinated by yours too, but prolly not in the same way. Mine’s more like “shock and awe” than “wow, look what I found.”) The blog itself is a bonanza of Biblical disregard, but we’ll get to that in another paragraph or two.

Vallotton has a super duper impressive title. He is the “Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and co-founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.” One single word in that title is sufficient for the prudent believer to beware: Bethel. As to the “School of Supernatural Ministry?”  Yep, this guy teaches how to be a modern day apostle. For an extra donation, he presumably can teach you how to raise the dead, at least in a theatrical setting.

Bevere blog-swapped with Vallotton on her site on March 29. You can find the full dose of heresy HERE. Innocuously titled “Women Leaders In The Church,” the article doesn’t re-affirm the Bible’s teaching about leadership in the church or women’s roles in it. Rather it directly disputes the teaching of the Bible.

We could spend enormous amounts of digital ink disputing the downright diabolical teachings propounded in the article, but we won’t. Just a couple of quotes from Vallotton will suffice.

“Many believers have developed a theology that proactively uses the Bible to disqualify women from the most formidable roles of leadership, especially in the Church. I am appalled by the number of Christian leaders who are convinced that women are not as qualified, called, and/or gifted to lead as men are.”


Bethel Redding Snack Pack — Provided by John Lanagan

See our White Paper on the New Apostolic Reformation/Dominionism

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One Response to Bevere & Vallotton: Two Feminists Intertwined

  1. Edwitness April 5, 2016 at 9:56 pm #

    The false teaching that exemplifies many churches today is not unexpected by the observant Christian. In fact we were told by Paul these days would come just ahead of the true Christian’s departure from the earth. It’s no wonder these people do not teach or refer to the Bible. They do not believe it.

    Some would like to believe that Paul was a chauvinist, but he was simply the messenger of almighty God that would bring the truth to the Gentiles. An apostle who was given the awesome responsibility and revelation to bring the majority of the New Testament to the world. With this responsibility came a very in depth understanding of the roles men and women have been afforded by God. **1stTim2:9-15**

    A woman who can find her ministry is blessed indeed. And the fact is God said that her desire would be toward her husband. **Gen3:16** That is, she would desire to have his role as leader. But, God in His infinite wisdom made it clear that the woman who might strive for this would never truly be fulfilled. Her fulfillment would only come from her finding her true calling as her husband’s “helpmeet” to come along side him in all that they do. She truly is the weaker vessel as the scripture says and the man is to dwell with her according to that knowledge. **1stPeter3:7** When this is at work in a marriage it is most fulfilling for both husband and wife. She is then free to be the **Proverbs 31** woman God intends for her to be.

    These last days would not be complete without the rejection of God’s established order for the family. Paul said the woman is to be under her covering. **1stCor.11:10** A father if not married. And her husband when she is. Truly a blessing from the Lord. But, somehow completely rejected in these last days. As it refers to the events that surrounded the time of Noah in **Gen.6**. Which coincidentally is a comparison to the last days as Jesus told us.

    I thank God every day for the woman he gave to me. She never has to prove herself as valuable. She is 10 times smarter and so very gracious. But doesn’t challenge the authority in the home that God has established. We work everything through together. I treasure her wisdom and covet her counsel. But, I also gaurd her and the wonderful naïveté God has blessed every woman with.

    Too often women are placed in positions by their husbands or other circumstances that force her to stand up against the world when it is supposed to be him standing up for her. In these cases she can become hardened because she is not equipped by God for such a role. This is where men fail and women can get the idea that she must do it herself. This is never healthy for the relationships she has and will have. She behaves like a man when she is too often confronted with these situations. So dad, husband get in there and protect your wives from this wicked world.

    As for leaders in the church, it is easy to see those women who have had to fend for themselves on a regular basis. The godless NOW organization is full of them. And the church has it’s share as well. They are usually found in the roles of pastor or assistant pastor. Definitely not God’s best. Definitely not the plan God has for any woman. **1st Tim3:1-16**

    Blessings to all you women who have been blessed to find yourselves right smack in the middle of God’s will for your life. And that are teaching their daughters the same. Just know that being the weaker vessel is not something that makes you less than. It is something that gives you a special perspective and life skills that endears you to your fathers and your husbands and especially to God. I know because I am blessed with daughters and a very special wife. She has taught them the grace that God has instilled in her. My daughters and I truly call her blessed. **Proverbs 31:28**


    PS False teaching is thriving in the church of Laodicea today. Just as the scripture said it would. The night comes when no man can work.