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Pope Canonizes 2 Saints From 19th-Century Palestine

On Sunday Pope Francis decided to canonize two nuns who lived in Palestine for reasons you’ll see in the article. Evidently these women were examples of “mercy, charity and reconciliation” which means they were “good people.” To canonize someone is to make him/her a saint.  The article brings to light that one of them “is said to have received the “stigmata” […]

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Tim Keller, Catholic Mystics, and Genesis I as a poem?

A lot of well-known pastors are promoting Lectio Divina, and many churches are taking that to mean that surely, this ancient prayer practice of emptying the mind is A-OK. In his recent research article, Tim Keller promotes Catholic mystic, rejects Genesis 1 as literal truth, John Lanagan notes that Keller has advocated Catholic contemplative  prayer practices. Here on […]

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The Catholic Church Has Gone Socialist

Berean Research has been reporting on Pope Francis’ move into socialism with articles such as Vatican to Recognize Palestinian State in New Treaty and  Catholic Church Warms to Liberation Theology as Founder Heads to Vatican.   Now Cliff Kincaid, Director of Accuracy in Media, offers compelling reasons for why he believes that the Catholic Church has gone […]

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