Christian Gun Owners Are Heretics

Photo courtesy of Shutterhawk

Photo courtesy of Shutterhawk

In this piece over at airō, evangelist Justin Edwards pulls no punches.  He writes:

Yep, gun owners are heretics according to “Formerly Fundy” Patheos blogger and Fuller Seminary doctoral candidate, Benjamin L Corey. Following the anti-Christian hate crime by the son of the devil who slaughtered nine people professing the name of Christ, Mr. Corey seized the moment on twitter to condemn Christian gun owners:

The face that U.S. Christians are so rabidly pro-gun suggests they are a people group who need to be evangelized and converted to Christ.


I will be frank – that is one of the most asinine things I have ever read. But, I’m not surprised as it comes from an emergent progressive who denies the inerrancy of Scripture and the existence of hell, and affirms homosexual sin.

Mr. Corey is in good company with another heretic who goes by the name of Pope Francis, who suggested gun manufacturers and investors who profess Christ are hypocrites. Now, let me be clear, I do not call either of these men heretics on the basis of their anti-gun rhetoric, but on the basis of their denying essential Christian doctrines. But, their anti-gun rhetoric and condemnation of Christian gun owners are becoming more popular, especially after massacres like Oregon.

How does one get to a point that they would deny a fundamental right to protect oneself from harm, or protect innocent bystanders from harm? They have to twist God’s Word, of course. In response to a tweet requesting Mr. Corey offer further explanation, Mr. Corey responded:

Jesus followers by definition love their enemies. Guns are for killing enemies. (source)

In one fell swoop, this rabid pacifist has condemned all Christians who would dare seek to protect their loved ones from harm. Yes, Mr. Corey, guns are for many things, one of which is killing those who would seek to do harm to innocents. Loving our enemies and loving our neighbors are not mutually exclusive. They are not in conflict whatsoever. And, in fact, to allow a wicked man to harm my neighbor is the epitome of cowardice (and we know what God will do to cowards – see Revelation 21:8). Continue reading



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One Response to Christian Gun Owners Are Heretics

  1. Faith October 13, 2015 at 7:38 pm #

    Well if that is so, then why did Jesus advocate for the right to bear arms?!?
    “And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.”
    Luke 22; 36
    I guess those militant gun control agenda folks swept this one under the rug when trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Christian sheep. It might have almost worked too! Most don’t read their bibles enough to catch this sort of con scammery.
    I believe in love your enemies too, and couldn’t shoot anyone but that is another matter. You can love your enemies but defend yourself too. Or else they should drop the arms race if they don’t believe in self defense anymore. Then we should never go to war or defend ourselves as a nation. It works both ways folks. Obama’s security can now be stripped of their defensive ammo too! Sounds like a plan, no?! The founding fathers put the right to bear arms in the Constitution so that we have the right to defend ourselves against tyranny, exactly why ‘they’ want to take it away from us now. If we don’t have that right, that makes the American Revolution void as well since that was what they did, and our Constitution and national sovereignity would also be nullified. But wait…. that is just what they want! Bingo! Good morning! Coffee anyone?