First Transgendered, Now “Transabeled”


In this disturbing story the writer, Morgan Mayhew, points out that by using the logic of the transgender rights movement, people should be allowed to injure themselves and see themselves as disabled if they so choose — and they are doing that.   What’s really at issue here is that it’s no longer deemed appropriate to view people as having psychological disorders — and the fact of the matter is that trans-people do have a psychological disorder.

Because the Left is bent on making the most perverted and bizarre human behaviors “normal”  pretty much anything goes in our moral relativistic society. Sadly, the Left has seen to it that getting people, including confused children, the sort of help they need, such as Reparative Therapy, is illegal.

Brace yourself for what you’re about to read:


If you thought the whole transgender thing was weird, meet “transabled”: people who think their “real body” is disabled. And they’re transforming their body to make themselves disabled.

The National Post, which ran a feature on “transabled” people last week, described the graphic way people are altering their bodies: a man who intentionally cut his right arm off, a man who dropped a concrete block on his legs, and many more.

Basically, staging “accidents” so they look more how they see themselves: disabled. There’s even a woman who wears leg braces and uses a wheelchair—even though she doesn’t need one—because she “feels” like she is a disabled person.

Obviously, this is ridiculous. If you’re an able-bodied person, and you see your true self as disabled, you’re just plain wrong: you’re not disabled.

But, using the logic of the transgender rights movement, they should be allowed to maim themselves. In order to get the body they feel like they’re supposed to have.  Continue reading


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  1. Stephen June 15, 2015 at 5:36 am #

    I get it! If I have someone drop a Baby Grand piano on my head and I can’t function at all after that, then I’d have a flat head . . . that’s the way I’ve always seen myself. It’s all coming together now! Where’s that piano?