Glenn Beck Invites America to Join Him in Another Fast

Glenn Beck loves playing the role of America’s spiritual leader.  However, we must remember that Mr. Beck is a member in good standing of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormonism. Mormonism is a pseudo-Christian cult.  Glenn Beck makes no bones about the fact that he embraces LDS theology, which is decidedly unbiblical.  So is it really his place to advise evangelical Christians on spiritual matters, especially when it comes to fasting and prayer?


Therefore, Bible believing Christian should NOT take this man seriously.  God reminds us in His Word:

Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial?  Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? (2 Corinthians 6:14-15)

Now to Breitbart’s report:

Prayer 2Cruz surrogate Glenn Beck is once again encouraging Americans to join him in a fast in the run-up to a crucial primary vote and to spread the word with the hashtag #Tuesdayfast.

In a Sunday night Facebook post, Beck wrote: “I would like to ask that you, your family and friends join me for a day of prayers, fasting and humility. To beg the Lord to not remove His hand from us. To turn to Him and ask that He will heal our land. Beginning Monday night and running for 24 hours ending on Tuesday will you pray and if possible fast like you have never done before?”

Beck noted that, “I have asked for this in the past and was mocked. It is okay.”

Beck is a fervent supporter of GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and has been campaigning with the Texas senator for months across the country, including in Indiana on Sunday and Monday in advance of the primary there, which many regard as a make-or-break moment for Cruz.

Following Cruz’s defeat in the South Carolina primary, Beck invited America “to join me and my family Monday in a fast for Ted Cruz, our country and the Nevada caucus.” Cruz lost the Nevada caucus three days later.

It’s been a difficult past week for Beck, following news of another round of mass layoffs at his troubled media empire. On Friday, after giving an impassioned “farewell address” of sorts to his 40 laid-off employees from his replica Oval Office, the former radio shock jock joined his co-hosts in donning swim goggles and rubbing his face in a bowl of crushed Cheetos to see if they could “look like Donald Trump.” Continue reading


Um, about that “jesus” Glenn Beck believes in

Glenn Beck receives a “mantle” from a false prophet

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Sheila Beers
Sheila Beers
7 years ago

I know about Mr. Beck’s being a Mormon. Whenever his show comes on, I thank God my TV has an “off” button, which I promptly use.

Doug Evans
7 years ago

It’s interesting how a supposed Southern Baptist like Ted Cruz attracts the support of the Christian flavored cults. Not only is he receiving praise from the Mormons, but also the head Guru and chief False Prophet at the dangerously heretical cult IHOP, Mike Bickle. And Cruz glowingly accepted the Bickle endorsement, as we knew he would knowing as we do that Ted’s dad is an itinerant NAR Preacher and a devout dominionist.

Sadly, Cruz is the only candidate out there with a flicker of conservative values, the rest are shining examples of the hypocrisy and failures of Liberalism. From a socialist who was thrown out of a hippie commune for sloth, to an utter failure of a senator/secretary of state/email administrator, to a flip-flopping liberal rich man who has spent more life time in bankruptcy court than most people spend in the public library.

To quote C. H. Spurgeon: “I walk through this sinful world as a pilgrim in a foreign country”

Glenn E. Chatfield
7 years ago

So he wants us all to join in with prayer to his god, the man who lives on another planet?!?

Christians don’t — or shouldn’t — worship idols, no matter who wants them to do so.

7 years ago

I can’t begin to say how many Christians follow this man, just because he’s politically on the right side. They forget he prays to and believes in a different God, politization of Christianity, a huge NAR characteristic, has seen to this. Beck is as apostate as they come.

John Campbell
John Campbell
6 years ago

I am on a fast, a Glenn Beck Fast. No more. I tried to look past his Mormon belief, but there is nothing Christian about Mormonism. All cults deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and it’s all down hill from there. As Jesus said that in the end times there will be a great apostasy and and we are watching the church crumble like a house of cards. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. Pray and study.