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Kudos to Herescope’s researchers for their willingness to tackle topics many discernment ministries won’t touch.  After reading “Part 11: The Physics of Heaven* A Serial Book Review & Theological Interaction” penned by Pastor Larry DeBruyn, you’ll understand why some researches shy away from esoteric topics such as the so-called “physics of heaven.”   This is no easy concept to grasp.  Even so, pastor DeBruyn does a stellar job conveying what it all means and why we should not take this sort of thing seriously.  The book was written by Larry Randolph.  Randolph embraces New Apostolic Reformation’s highly unbiblical theology.   His teaching is utter nonsense. Take a look at a couple of quotes from the article:

I believe we are on the verge of experiencing Pentecost on a new level and in a new measure. Time and time again the prophets have declared that “something is coming,” and our hearts are filled with the expectation to receive all that God has for us. Even so, we still await the “fullness” of what we know is possible in God—a “fullness of Pentecost” for which the original Pentecost provided the down payment.  —Larry Randolph (TPOH, 95)


So according to The Physics of Heaven, the anticipated second Pentecost will rain an overwhelming cacophony of sounds, kaleidoscopic visions of colors and conflation of numbers which will overwhelm and alter the soul’s perception of and power over reality. With this “cross-wiring” of the “spiritual senses… the neural pathways of the spirit realm” will for a second time create “a myriad of spiritual encounters.”(TPOH, 98)

Now to Pastor DeBruyn’s piece:

The authors of The Physics of Heaven (TPOH), along with their New Apostolic Reformation associates, believe there’s a more powerful Pentecost coming, the experience of which will both engage and conflate all the human senses—sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. The sound of this Pentecost will stimulate a synesthesia of supernatural experiences. Human consciousness will be so overwhelmed by the powers of heaven that what will be heard will be simultaneously smelled, what will be touched will be simultaneously tasted, and so on, and so on. Previously weighted down by religious dogmas, the synesthesia of the second Pentecost will enable Christian souls to soar in heavenly places. Charismatic Christians will begin to experience “all the different ways Heaven expresses itself.”(TPOH, 106) “Speak to us God!” is the cry of those anticipating the visitation of the second Pentecost. 

Larry Randolph in an ElijahList ad, 6-5-13

“Synesthesia” Spirituality
As indicated by the chapter’s title, the term Larry Randolph employs to describe experiencing this anticipated second Pentecost is synesthesia. In his book Alternative Realities, Leonard George states that, “Synesthesia occurs when… ‘cross-talk’ between the senses is so vivid that stimulating one sense triggers actual perceptual experiences in the other.”[2] To illustrate: “one’s visual field may be invaded by sparks of light in response to a sudden noise.”[3] According to George, experiences of synesthesia spirituality can be induced by taking psychedelic drugs, listening to beating rhythms (i.e., drumming), meditating (Among the mystics, St. John of the Cross, St Catherine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila described contemplative states they attained in “synesthetic terms.”[4]), or can result from “sensory leakage” caused by schizophrenia[5] or a developing brain tumor.[6]

So according to The Physics of Heaven, the anticipated second Pentecost will rain an overwhelming cacophony of sounds, kaleidoscopic visions of colors and conflation of numbers which will overwhelm and alter the soul’s perception of and power over reality. With this “cross-wiring” of the “spiritual senses… the neural pathways of the spirit realm” will for a second time create “a myriad of spiritual encounters.”(TPOH, 98) As Randolph states, synesthesia spirituality will allow Charismatics to “interact with God in many more ways than… ever imagined.”(TPOH, 95) “This is the kind of heavenly sound” adds the author, “for which I’ve been longing.”(TPOH, 98) Welcome to the hallucinatory Pentecost! 

Randolph was listed as a speaker for this event advertised on TheElijahList 3-9-12

Empty Prophetic Predictions
Larry Randolph has wearied of hearing the inconsequential predictions of prophets, presumably those within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). For years these “spokes persons” for God have predicted something is coming but nothing has come. (Does this therefore mean they are false prophets?—See Deuteronomy 18:21-22.) He is also “weary of sermons and teaching that only restate our need for transformation.” So he writes: “what we really need is to experience something beyond the realm of mere proclamation.”(TPOH, 95) This he states despite the Apostle Paul’s statement that, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17, KJV).

So Randolph’s desire inspires a belief (Might it be suggested his “dogma”?) that we’re on “the verge of experiencing Pentecost on a new level and in a new measure,” in a dimension beyond what Scripture describes.(TPOH, 95) In his view, the first Pentecost was just a down payment for a fuller and more dynamic future Pentecost. So when the second Pentecost comes, these Charismatics anticipate they will experience, presumably for the purpose of extending God’s dominion-kingdom on earth, a fuller filling and greater powers than did believers present at the first Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4). Out of the shadows of the first Pentecost a second more glorious Pentecost will emerge to rain unprecedented sound and energy upon earth (i.e., a version of the latter rain movement). While the first Pentecost was quantified, the second will be Quantum. This is what Larry Randolph and the other authors of The Physics of Heaven propose. So the chapter declares:

This will be the second Pentecost—hearing something from heaven; seeing something different than what heard; feeling something different than what we saw and heard; and releasing something totally different from what we saw, heard, and felt.(TPOH, 99)

To support his unbiblical belief that the second Pentecost is “brewing” in Heaven (I say “brewing” because Randolph states that “the sound” caused the first Pentecostals “to feel drunk.”[TPOH, 97]), the author weds the Genesis account of creation to the science of quantum physics, recounts a healing apparition he experienced, claims he travels to Heaven where he has seen God’s glory, makes reference to tours taken by others to Heaven, and extracts “truths” from New Age spirituality to buttress the myth. We begin with Genesis. 

Scripture and Science—Spiritual “Synesthesia”
“God said…” In reference to the creative word of God, this statement is repeated nine times in Genesis’ opening chapter. By the sound of His vocal order (i.e., “said” = sound), God spoke the universe into existence. With the exception of His own eternal existence and that of the spirit beings he had created (i.e., “the sons of God” (Job 38:1-*7), the universe did not exist before God “sounded” it into existence. Even though Larry Randolph was not there when it happened, he describes the creative power of God’s Quantum voice:

The sound of God’s voice was so powerful… that it caused the universe to roar into existence at the speed of light. Through the “sound” of God’s voice, divine energy was released, splitting the atoms and forming a heaven and earth suitable for the habitation of created man.(TPOH, 96)

Prophet Randolph states that the sound of God’s voice from Heaven “can cause mind boggling phenomena to happen.”(TPOH, 96) So he proposes that when Adam heard “the sound” of God walking in the garden after the Fall He was beckoning Adam “into a deeper relationship with Him (Genesis 3:8, 10).(TPOH, 96) “God’s voice” to Adam he adds, “was merely an invitation into a deeper realm of supernatural experience… [of] multiple expressions of seeing, feeling, sensing, and communicating [i.e., synesthesia] with the Creator.”(TPOH, 96-97) So if like Adam we will hear the sound of God’s quantum voice, our senses can enter into the realm of a synesthesia of supernatural experiences. Such advocacy is not unlike the presumption of occultist Annalee Skarin (1899-1988), whom even the Mormons excommunicated, who wrote: “Within the soul of man is the atomic energy and power to lay hold upon all the great gifts and blessings of God.”[7] 

Larry Randolph bio on TheElijahList 4-28-11

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One Response to God’s New Sound

  1. Darrel December 7, 2015 at 3:47 pm #

    For one who finds this kind of thing beyond disgusting cudos are in order for Larry DeBruyn. Two things are completely absent from Larry Randolph’s “teaching”. First and foremost I found no mention of the Lord Jesus Christ, no cursory mention, not even a veiled insult (could have missed it, due to rapid scanning). He also failed to bring up any talk of sin, it’s origin, it’s perpetual presence in all of mankind (even current believers), it’s end being death and most of all God’s remedy for a man’s sins, the blood sacrifice and resurrection of His Son. Randolph plays fast and loose with the Name of the Holy Spirit and assigns to Him activities, the handing out of “blessings”, changes to human nature in the senses, etc. Since the “promises” of the NAR Nut-heads have been around (and unfulfilled) for decades it is logical for them to come up with a new “promise” that will keep their old and tired members around a little while longer—-giving them their money—-and their new members enamored with the “spirituality” of their leaders (whom they blindly and ignorantly follow into hell).

    As this man (Randolph) has placed himself in the highest category of the earthly “spiritual elite” by stating that he not only saw God in heaven, but also had a conversation with Him, he has usurped the place of the Holy Spirit to teach the believers all things concerning Himself, the Son, and the Father. This goes far beyond ‘grieving’ the Holy Spirit and falls headlong into insulting Him (compare Heb. 10:29). LR has trampled under foot the blood of the covenant, because to him, it is unnecessary. The Holy Spirit has become to him (LR) only a spigot for desired “blessings” because LR has replaced Him as the believer’s teacher with himself. ***[This is not unlike a person’s view of the Trinity that consisted of the Father, the Son, and all of mankind—–what pantheistic nonsense!!!!!].***

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that such men as LR and those that teach in lockstep behind him have already committed the unpardonable sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. When a man (LR) has replaced the Holy Spirit with himself there is no leeway to think otherwise.