Liberal Editorial: BOLI’s Sweet Cake judgment takes aim at free speech


Lesbian wedding cake

John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire informs us what has transpired with bakery owners and committed Christians Aaron and Melissa Klein who chose not to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  Lanagan writes:

The following is an excerpt from a secular newsite’s editorial. The editorial is strongly supportive of pro-homosexual marriage and strongly in favor of free speech. The attempt to silence the owners of Sweetcakes Bakery is opposed.

I am old. It used to be that we could express our opinions on anything, and people on the left, right, and in the middle understood this was our right. These days…not so much. So the defense of free speech is very much appreciated. After you link to the editorial, read the comments. You may find this as surprising as I did.

Here is an excerpt from the editorial, with a link to the entire piece at the end of the second paragraph. I am including the paper’s strongly worded paragraph supporting homosexuality, and the paragraph on free speech. But don’t stop with these two paragraphs. This is an important article.

According to the Oregon Live editorial:

The refusal by the Christian owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa to make the cake was a cut-and-dried instance of illegal discrimination, delivered with a layer of Leviticus-inspired homophobia on top. The lesbian couple, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, understandably filed a complaint against the bakery with the Bureau of Labor and Industries for breaking the law as a business of public accommodation.

But the final order issued by Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian last week ensures that it is anything but final. In a bewildering order in desperate need of logic and common sense, Avakian not only imposes on the Kleins a $135,000 judgment but also basically revokes their right to free speech. (click here for rest of article and comments)

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Oregon silences bakers who refused to bake cake for gay wedding


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