Loathing Sin & Grabbing for God’s Glory


According to Eric Davis, the Lord Jesus came to deal with sin. He came to “make us see, loathe, and eradicate our inward sin, and see, love, and follow him.” He was not interested in “social justice, external humanitarian inspiration, or politico-social revolution,” says Davis.  So why is it that a large (and growing) number of professing Christians avoid the concept of sin?  And why do those who claim they’re followers of Jesus Christ choose to close their ears to what He taught on sin?

In this piece over at The Cripplegate, Eric Davis reveals what the One who spoke the universe into existence wants those He created to know about…sin:


It’s an alarming trend, especially in some of our younger generations. Many of us professing Christians cannot stand to hear the word. When we do, we cry foul. “It’s unloving,” “It’s toxic,” “It’s legalistic,” “It’s graceless.” We leave churches who speak of it. We ignore older saints who bring it up. We avoid authors who write about it. We harden our hearts when identified in our lives. I suppose we could call it something like “hamartiphobia”: a fearful repulsion of things like hearing teaching about sin, experiencing the exposure of our sin, and being confronted on our sin.

It’s no secret: the Bible talks much about sin, and without apologizing. The word “sin,” “transgression,” or “iniquity” occurs 1148 times in 906 verses. That’s more than the word “love” (528 times), “lovingkindness” (138 times), “grace” (133 times), and “forgive” or “forgiveness” (85 times). This is not to say that we only speak of sin. But it is to say that God talks much about it. To close our ears to sin is to close our ears to God.

Early in my walk with Christ I had a life-changing experience. One of my mentors—in his mid-60’s, a long-time pastor, professor, and biblical counselor—told me, “Eric, the more I see my sin, the greater my love and appreciation for the sacrificial death and love of Jesus Christ. I just stand in awe, like Paul, who said, ‘I am the chief of sinners,’ thinking about how the Lord Jesus died and rose for me.” He showed me that I need to beware of a certain type of thinking: “We don’t need to talk about sin anymore because Jesus died for it.” “Since Christianity is all about grace, we don’t need to address our sin.” “Yes, we are all sinners, but we should only think on the positive.”  Continue reading

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13 Responses to Loathing Sin & Grabbing for God’s Glory

  1. Manny1962 May 13, 2017 at 4:20 pm #

    I have a simple answer: The Great Apostasy.

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been replaced by The Gospel of Social Justice, activists have found out “guilting” ignorant Christians into following them is very easy, just call them a few key words and they tumble like dominos, judgemental, homophobic, intolerant, unloving, their favorite: Pharasaical! Along with the money hungry, compliant wolves behind pulpits this abomination has made deep inroads into the rotting foundation of churchianity. Churchianity is polluted, compromised, apostate and Jesus will judge her most harshly, read Revelation……….and see what happens to her followers.

  2. Manny1962 May 13, 2017 at 4:32 pm #

    One more thing, the rapid “politicization” of churchianity is in part to the NAR movement, their false teaching that they will bring in the kingdom of God through control of governments has led many to believe that politics are as crucial as scripture, and voting for the right candidate is a mandate from God. Jesus is coming back to tear all of it down, He will judge the NAR along with the Harlot of Revelation, the two will unite​ down the road in the massive ecumenical movement taking place now!

  3. lyn May 13, 2017 at 10:05 pm #

    I recommend all to watch this, featuring Paul Washer and others – http://www.sermonaudio.com/playpopupvideo.asp?SID=513171541413

  4. Q May 15, 2017 at 3:35 pm #

    What’s the point since loathing of sin can only happen as God predetermined and can only acts accordingly?

    • Q May 23, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

      Oh, What is your definition of Hyper vs regular Calvinism?

  5. lyn May 16, 2017 at 1:13 pm #


    Rather than respond with sarcasm, why not watch the video then argue your points using Scripture? As Amy stated, your comment reeks of hyper-calvinism. Neither Washer or any of the men in the video hold to that unbiblical view. Sometimes we fear what we do not understand.
    A question that no one that holds to free will has ever answered is this, if God has given us the ability to freely choose or freely reject, why would anyone reject and choose to spend all of eternity in torment?

    For the record, I have not read anything from Calvin. I believe the doctrines of grace because the bible teaches such. Praise God for His marvelous grace and mighty power to save!

    • Q May 23, 2017 at 5:09 pm #


      Sometimes sarcasm is useful when intended for good, grabs the attention…

      I didn’t watch the video but I’ve listened to Paul Washer enough to believe if he was having the conversation with the Ethiopian eunuch the conversation would have been more like – …”See, here is water! What prevents me from being baptized?” (And Philip said, “you have to really believe”, and the eunuch said, “I do, I believe Jesus is the Son Of God”, and Philip said, “No you have to really really believe”, and the eunuch said, “I do believe”, and Philip said, “No you have to repent what you’re talking about is easy believism, you have to really believe………..let’s go through the story again…”)

      Same question for you if you don’t mind, what is your definition of Hyper vs regular Calvinism?

      • lyn May 23, 2017 at 11:53 pm #

        Just as you have no desire to watch the video, I have no desire to answer your questions

        • Q May 24, 2017 at 2:40 pm #

          What does the video have to do with the question, are they related?

  6. Manny1962 May 16, 2017 at 2:15 pm #

    I have a question, if James 2:19 says demons believe and they shudder, that would imply that they understand scripture and the final outcome, yet they won’t turn from their sin and ask for forgiveness, are they wantonly headed to hell without recourse? I know their leader’s sin was pride, that eventually got him kicked out……. I guess my point is knowing and even believing in scripture doesnt save, without Jesus in the formula, the New Testament would be just an extension of the Old Testament, with Jesus in it (who came to fulfill the words) it its a new beginning. So the demons knowing the Holy Trinity, knowing scripture and eschatology still choose to head to hell, I guess they loath all that is good.

    • rascott247 May 16, 2017 at 3:03 pm #

      I think demon belief is irrelevant. First of all James interjects an objector in 2:18-19. And in v20 James calls him foolish. Secondly what demons believe is that there is One God so trembling is appropriate for them because salvation is not offered to demons. If there were more than one god then they might have someone to appeal their sentence to. As is angels (who need no salvation) and demons (who have no hope of salvation) are individual creations and each fallen angel followed Satan in the rebellion. Satan is neither their federal head nor their seminal head although he is their leader.

      Christ as fully human as well as Deity substituted on the cross for all men but He only gives life to those who believe in Him for it. He died a man and was raised a man for mankind and now a man sits at the Father’s right hand and He will return to rule on earth as a man.

      Demons can have no part in the new creation and they know it which why they tremble.

      • Manny1962 May 16, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

        Thank you RS, I’ve been pondering James after the discussion here. By the way I hope all is well with you and yours, it’s always pleasant and informative to hear from you. God bless you and keep on fighting.

  7. lyn June 10, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    This was tonight’s grace gem, I think it’s fitting…

    It has put hatred into God Himself!

    (Ralph Venning, “The Plague of Plagues!” 1669)

    “The wicked and the one who loves violence–His soul hates!” Psalm 11:5

    God hates man for sin! It is not only sin, but sinners that God hates–and that for sin! It is said of God, that He hates the workers of iniquity (Psalm 5:5); not only the works of iniquity–but the workers of it.

    It is because of sin, that the merciful God says, “Their Maker has no compassion on them, and their Creator shows them no favor!” Isaiah 27:11

    This is the worst that can be spoken of the venom of sin, that in a sense, and to speak after the manner of men–it has put hatred into God Himself! Sin has made the Lord hate and destroy His own workmanship!

    from http://www.gracegems.org/