“Manifesto” where killer unveils Charleston as target of church massacre


Several photos of mass-murder suspect Dylann Roof burning an American flag and posing with weapons at Confederate gravesites are shown in a piece over at Daily Mail (DM).  Also included is a racist manifesto but it is unclear whether it was written by Roof.  There’s no two ways about it — Dylann Roof is in the grip of evil.

Before I get to the article, I need to remind my brothers and sisters that we are not to be surprised by all the evil in the world, we are to expect it.  The Bible tells us that since the fall of mankind a battle has been raging in the invisible realm between two opposing forces– good and evil. (Ephesians 6:10-19) The aim of the evil forces (Satan and his demons) is to deceive, devour and destroy.  God’s people are aware of the spiritual battle.  We know we’re being assaulted.  We know we need protection from the enemies of the Cross, both spiritual and human.  That protection comes from wearing what the Apostle Paul called spiritual armor.  So every day, without fail, get dressed!  By that I mean “put on the full armor of God.”   This is not an option, brethren, it’s a command!

Pastor and author Ray Stedman offers some good advice when attacked.  He writes:

There is a very strong and powerful relationship between putting on the armor of God and praying. These two things belong together; in fact, one grows out of the other. It is not enough to put on the armor of God; you must also pray. It is not enough to pray; you must also have put on the armor of God. It is impossible to divide these two … putting on the armor of God is not something merely figurative, it is an actual thing you do. It is remembering what Christ is to you, and thinking through the implications of it in terms of your present struggle and experience. Putting on the armor is essentially something that is done in the realm of your thought life. We have been trying to make that clear. It is an adjustment of the attitude of your heart to reality, to things as they really are. It is thinking through the implications of the fact which revelation discloses. This is always the necessary thing to do in trying to face life.  

Following is DM columnist Kieran Corcoran’s chilling report:

Roof’s 2,500-word rant begins with saying he was not raised racist, but came to the decision he had to act after reading about what he describes as ‘black on white crime’ and concluding that minorities were taking over the United States.

In the text, which he implies was written not long before the killings, he declares: ‘N****rs are stupid and violent…. Black people view everything through a racial lense [sic].’

At the end of the passage, he wrote: ‘I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight.

Bedroom: In the above image Roof holds the Confederate flag over his shoulder in the same bedroom in which he posed with a gun.  Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Bedroom: In the above image Roof holds the Confederate flag over his shoulder in the same bedroom in which he posed with a gun. Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

DM shows a series of pictures and then continues:

The website is entitled The Last Rhodesian – a reference to the former African state of Rhodesia, which was ruled by whites.

Roof’s Facebook profile picture also featured him sporting a Rhodesian flag.

The site was set up in February 2015, and is registered via a privacy protection company in Queensland, Australia, designed to mask the identity of who runs a website.

His apparent manifesto’s longest section is simply entitled ‘blacks’. Within, he claims white oppression of black people is a narrative of ‘historical lies, exaggerations and myths’.

He includes passages on other races, in which he concludes that Hispanic people are also ‘a huge problem’, describes Asians as ‘allies’ and says that Jews are essentially white people.

In a section marked ‘patriotism’, the text says: ‘I hate the sight of the American flag. Modern American patriotism is an absolute joke.  Continue reading


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