The NAR – You Will Know Them By Their Nuts


Church Watch Central has an exposé on Jesus Camp.  In it, CWC demonstrates the unconscionable way children are indoctrinated into the New Apostolic Reformation cult by leaders such as “Apostle” Becky Fischer. CWC posted a video showing children being brainwashed by this woman that has been blocked.  So Berean Research replaced it with two short Youtube videos that demonstrate the excesses.

Read it and weep…

Jesus Camp

The NAR is one of the biggest cults that have invaded Christianity today, causing the world to consider Christianity is as extreme as extreme radical Muslims.

Peter Wagner is recognised as the head of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). He has helped define it, form it, defend it, lead it and govern it.

The Hillsong movement and the C3 Church movement from Australia (and the Australian and New Zealand AOG) are apart of the NAR cult. City Harvest Church and New Creation Church from Singapore and Yoido Full Gospel Church from South Korea are part of the NAR cult. The ‘Embassy of God’ is also an NAR cult. All these churches have been exposed for either coverup, sexual abuse, financial scandals, fraud and so on.

The propaganda arm of the NAR are the TBN network, the CBN network, the CharismaMag, Charisma News and many other so-called Christian publishing houses or “Christian” channels. So it is worth any government or media organisation to pay attention to the dangers these cults are pushing on their cities, states or nations under the guise of Christianity. The results of these dangerous doctrines are horrific.

May the below video warn you what the nuts look like in this movement.


Here is an example of an NAR indoctrinating youth: Apostle Becky Fischer’s ‘Kids in Ministry International’.

When watching the film, it is the LANGUAGE, DOCTRINE, PRACTICES, REACTIONS, BEHAVIOUR and ASSOCIATIONS that proves Becky Fischer was influenced by the NARpostolic/Prophetic teachings of Peter Wagner, Ted Haggard (Wagner’s pastor), Chuck Pierce, Jack Hayford, John Whimber, Lou Engle and many other popular NARpostles through out the NAR’s history.

(If you are not familiar with the language and doctrines, the NAR peddle doctrine’s such as “Joels Army”, “New Breed” theology, the “seven mountain mandate”, the “new wine-skin”doctrine.)


When the explosive documentary ‘Jesus Camp’ came out, Ted Haggard (Wagner’s pastor) publicly denounced the documentary, saying that the film poorly misrepresents Evangelicalism. [Source] 

Haggard was right.

The film accurately represents the brainwashing that the New Apostolic Reformation performs on people and younger generations: the NAR do not reflect Evangelicalism. So this film ACCURATELY captured the ministries of Ted Haggard and Peter Wagner.

Becky Fischer’s own reaction to the documentary on her ministry is interesting.

“Christians go after me because of doctrinal issues, whereas the world is going after me because they think I’m another Adolf Hitler.”

This observation is true.

  1. Christianity should reject NAR cults like Becky Fischer’s because the NAR for decades has been gutting Christian churches, force them to align under their Apostolic Regime and brainwash people to embrace it’s totalitarian end-times agenda. To question their doctrine’s is to question what God is teaching his church through his governing NARpostles and Prophets.
  2. And the world will think that Fischer is “another Adolf Hitler” because the New Apostolic Reformation raises dictators that impose their values and beliefs on a culture through unbiblical and irrational means. (In fact, Hillsong’s founder, Apostle Frank Houston was labeled a “dictator” when he brought the Apostolic Model into his church of Lower Hutt, New Zealand. The effects of Frank’s ministry was reflected in Hillsong’s Mercy Ministry where women were abused in attempts to have demons cast out of them.)

Fischer also claimed that, “They’re accusing me of raising a Christian jihad.”

According to the Al Jazeera, the NAR is “America’s own Taliban” (The taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan currently waging jihad within that country). And Al Jazeera would know considering they are very familiar with what the Taliban is and how jihads work. In fact, NARpostle Peter Wagner himself is proud of the fact that the NAR is the fastest growing religion in the world and considers it is rivaling the growth of Islam.

Our reaction to the Jesus Film?

This is the result of the church not dealing with the NAR cult. And as soon as Christianity speaks against the types of churches we monitor, the sooner this nonsense can be stamped out for the sake of integrity in Jesus name.  Continue reading


Cold Hard Facts On Cults By Marsha West

NAR “prophet” Todd Bentley admits being possessed by 25 demons–Facebook video..scroll down, left side of the page.

See our White Paper on the DANGEROUS New Apostolic Reformation

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3 Responses to The NAR – You Will Know Them By Their Nuts

  1. Manny1962 May 21, 2016 at 3:47 pm #

    I always say, next to the homosexual agenda, NAR is the biggest threat to the true church! They’re as militan and heretical. Again, when the culture sees this travesty, this is what they think Christianity is! Before we try and “cure” the culture as wannabe kingdom now heretics say, we need to clean up house, the true church, the bride shouldn’t worry about the culture collapsing, it should focus its energy cleaning up house, get rid of these imposters, bring the bible back to its proper place, then we can worry about the culture. Nothing will occur if we don’t start at the top by removing the demon influenced rockstar pastors first. You want revival? Give God His proper place! In the Old Testament, when a king with a heart for God was chosen, the first thing that king would do is clean house! Starting by removing those that hindered the word of God, fixing the temple, cleaning it out and purefying the sorroundings! We need to take the garbage out! Throw out those that hinder the word of God! Such as Warren, Hybels, etc., etc., then we need to take out our bibles and read, study and pray! As of now, the true church, the bride, needs to be in prayer! We must clean house! Not to usher some revival, but to strengthen what’s left, to have a clean conscience as our Lord Jesus Christ approaches. Let’s be the wise virgins, with oil in our lamps.

    • Mary June 21, 2016 at 9:46 pm #

      Amen Manny ! Everything you said is so right ! I couldn’t have said it any better. God bless you for your boldness and your love for the truth and God’s Word. I pray that people will wake up before it’s too late. Jesus’s return could be at any moment, even before I finish typing. All the signs of the end times are here now.

  2. Jan Appleman May 21, 2016 at 6:22 pm #

    This would be an excellent video to show those I know that are deceived by this apostate movement…but because someone had to write statements across the video that make it exempt as a witnessing tool…I would never be able to share it with them!!!