Perry Noble Says Churches are Businesses, Offers to Help Them Grow


Now that Perry Noble is fresh out of alcohol rehab, the Lord has something new and exciting in store for him.  It won’t be pastoring a church because, according to 1 Tim 3:1-7, he is no longer qualified.  So, what has God supposedly “shown him” regarding his future? Jeff Maples of Pulpit & Pen has the details:

Photo credit: Facebook

Photo credit: Facebook

Disgraced former pastor of Newspring Church in Anderson, SC, says God is calling him back to the ministry–except this time, he’s in it for the business. After losing his job last year as senior pastor of the seeker-friendly megachurch for years of alcohol-related transgressions, he vowed to return to ministry after a 30-day rehab program and turning himself over to a therapist. He has kept his promise and is now offering what he calls a “consultation ministry,” dubbed The Growth Co., in which he will be offering to come alongside businesses and churches to help them grow.

“I am ready to take the next step in life and ministry…” the repeat alcoholic offender says,

After much thought, prayer and seeking godly and wise counsel I believe The Lord has clearly shown me I am supposed to step into church and business consulting.

He says he wanted to “live out his career” at Newspring, but that was no longer an option for him. So now he says that God is showing him that he needs to come into churches and turn them into efficient money-making mega-corporations…like the one he built and planted, Newspring.

Some may argue the church is not a business – I would disagree.  After all, at one point in serving as the Senior Pastor of Newspring Church I was responsible for 425 employees and a $63,000,000 budget – which takes way more than a prayer meeting to manage!  What Jesus taught me I believe can be used to help you as well.

It might just be so that Perry’s low view of God, Jesus, and the church is his problem, to begin with. Instead of shepherding his flock with sound biblical exposition and leading by example a godly life as senior pastor of this church, instead, he sees himself as the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation with employees that need paychecks and customers who in search of a good product. Apparently, this is what Jesus taught him during his time at Newspring. This Jesus he serves taught him a great business model–keep the customers happy, keep your employees well paid, and you can relax and watch the dough roll in.   Continue reading


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4 Responses to Perry Noble Says Churches are Businesses, Offers to Help Them Grow

  1. Edwitness November 29, 2016 at 3:15 pm #

    The best example of who this man (and others like him, and there are many) represents in the Bible that I can come up with is not Jesus Christ. But, His betrayer Judas Iscariot. The treasurer of the group.
    I am sure that while both Judas and Perry know ABOUT Jesus, they nevertheless seem to have the same god in common. MAMMON.

  2. Manny1962 November 29, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    A 30 day “rehab” to “cure” years of transgressions?! My oh my! If it wasn’t so pathetic I’d be rolling on the floor laughing! Shame on any congregation who takes him back for any sort of position except a pew warming sheep. This man needs Jesus in his life. Spot on Ed, first he fleeced, now he wants to be the fox! God help those that would see this man run a congregation.

  3. noel rochford November 29, 2016 at 5:29 pm #

    Dosent the scripture. say. 1ti6/3>>10 ERRORS / GREED//// .Who suppose that godliness is a means of GAIN . Here it is in SCRIPTURE .From SUCH WITHDRAW YOURSELF. BUTTTTT godliness with CONTENTMENT is GREAT GAIN. SELAH everyone. the book of JUDE/////…Apostates depraved /DOOMED.//// Please read from vrs 9>>>15 Apostates PREDICTED//////… vrs16>>>> vrs24. ITS time we look at 2cor6 apostacy just needs a toe in the DOOR please dont fall for IT every where in scripture SIN / error OR MISSING THE HIGH MARK OF THE CALLING. Thats you ECCLASIA. The called out ONES. NOWS THE TIME./ SELAH.

    • Sola Scriptura December 2, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

      Well, (and uniquely) said Noel, and that passage in 1 Timothy 6:5-7, only says to withdraw from those who equate godliness with gain…in the KJV. 🙂 I wrote an article on money and the ministry on my blog. It is one of my favorites.