Pope praises contemplative pioneer Thomas Merton before Congress

For those who missed it, Pope Francis gave high praise to a Trappist Monk who had an affinity for unbiblical contemplative prayer. John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire has the report:

Buddhist MeditationThis is how it seems to be going: People are being encouraged into contemplative prayer by men and women such as Rick Warren, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Mike Bickle, James Goll, Beni Johnson, and many others.

(Rick Warren has also exposed many Christians to Eastern and New Age meditation).

The false church is rising, and its god may well be contemplative, deceptive spirits posing as “christ.” What wonderful (false) visions people will have; what thrilling supernatural encounters will be experienced in the contemplative silence. For all too many already, the lies of the silence are taken as truth, and the truth of Bible matters less and less.

On 9/24/15, before Congress, Pope Francis praised “four representatives of the American people”: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, and the contemplative pioneer, Thomas Merton.  Continue reading

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