How are we to regard Michael Brown, Todd White and other NAR leaders?

A few day ago we posted Michael Brown has been WHITE-washed and urged our visitors to share Churchwatch Central’s (CWC) piece. CWC continues their exposé on NAR charismatic apologist Dr. Michael Brown. In their latest blog post they give an explanation of the false Kenotic Jesus of the NAR. Briefly, the kenosis theory states that while He was on earth Jesus gave up some of His divine attributes. This theory is not taught in the Bible. What the Bible does teach is that Jesus Christ is both fully God and fully man. As a man on earth, Jesus did not give up any of His divine attributes (Col 2:9).

Once again we urge our visitors to share CWC’s piece:

Todd White, Michael Brown, Mike Bickle, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner and many other top NAR Apostles may need to be seriously considered worse than demons. This sounds like an outrageous statement.

But why even say such an ‘unloving’ thing?

When Christ was on earth, demons shrieked their confession that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. (Luke 4:34, 41; Mark 1:24; Mark 3:11) Even Legion (one man full of MANY demons), confessed about Jesus, ‘What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.’ (Mark 5:7)

If Christians do not tolerate the demonic, then why are we putting up with Todd White, Michael Brown, Mike Bickle, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and others like them? Their confession of who Christ is, is even worse than the demons themselves. While reading their confessions – notice the pattern of their deception:

The false Kenotic Jesus of the NAR – refuted

What is more frightening is that these NAR Apostles claim to move in supernatural power under this ‘spirit’ that denounces Jesus Christ as God in human flesh.

They call this spirit the ‘spirit of adoption/sonship’ (or ‘spirit of power’) which emphasizes a false baptism. This false spiritual baptism teaches that believers must receive a second baptism often known as ‘spiritual baptism’ so they can be properly baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection in order to be raised up spiritually as New Breeds/Kings Kids/Little Gods/Manifest Sons of God, etc.

This is why they say, ‘the same spirit that rose Christ from the dead is in you’. The emphasis is on the synergism of the spirit in us and in Christ. And this is why they say He is the firstborn/prototype/new breed and why we have a new nature or are now partakers of the divine. The theology behind this spiritual baptism makes you a super Christian or New Breed deity. According to the NAR, Christ is the firstborn/prototype of this spiritual being we are to manifest. He is the patterned son. Just as Jesus can see, hear and do what the Father is doing, this ‘sonship’ spirit in us can make us see, hear and do what the Father is doing.

This is why when you watch Todd White teach on ‘holy spirit’, he must teach on the kenotic Christ. He must downplay Christ’s divinity so he can become just as powerful as Christ Himself (or even greater) to make a name for himself (like Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8).


The reason why we are focusing on Todd White is because, unlike other NAR Apostles, he alongside Todd Bentley and Matt Sorger, confess to be ‘little gods’ in human flesh – the New Breed – they are the only people who are known in the NAR as such.

The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 1): Todd Bentley 
The ‘New Breed’ Among Us (Part 2): Matt Sorger.

In our above link to Todd White, he even is guilty on endorsing the father of this heresy: Franklin Hall. Putting it bluntly, Todd White has no problem considering himself as a ‘god’ in these end-times, an instrument of divine righteousness to help lead the church into global victory and worldwide revival harvest.

The arrogance and the irony of White is staggering. Just like most in the NAR, although they denounce Jesus as God in human flesh, Todd uses clear passages where Jesus demonstrates His deity, and Todd White believes he too can operate as God in human flesh. Watch White operate from his New Breed mentality in this clip: Watch the video & continue reading

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