Steven Furtick Gladhands TD Jakes’ Church – Gives $35,000 To Jakes

Photo courtesy Apprising Ministries

Photo courtesy Apprising Ministries

For those who are unfamiliar with Steven Furtick, he is among those the late Ken Silva dubbed: Evangelical Ecumenical Magisterium (EEM) which is comprised of megachurch pastors.

In a blog post entitled Steven Furtick and the Second Great Embarrassment, Silva quipped: “Furtick is the spiritually nefarious prophet-leader of the highly influential multi-site megachurch known as Elevation Church, who is without a doubt a leading member of this EEM along with e.g. James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll.”

So with this in mind, Pulpit and Pen has the latest on prophet-leader Steven Furtick:

Furtick has made the news quite a bit lately. Recently, his church posted an idolatrous video, which has since been taken down, practically worshiping Furtick. It’s not unusual for Furtick to preach a message that totally distorts the reality of Jesus Christ, and twists his Word beyond recognition. (See here and here). He regularly partners with other known questionable teachers, such as his recent joining with Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble for a “leadership” conference.

Now he’s joined at the hip with none other than the king of Word of Faith himself, T.D. Jakes. Last weekend he preached at Jakes’ church for the #RunningReckless15 event. The event, as you can see from this video, has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, but all about “me.” It’s a man-centered event that encourages people to use God as a tool to create success and wealth for themselves. Pure heresy.

While Steven Furtick says that Jesus wouldn’t want him to reveal how much he makes off his congregation every year, it becomes obvious why that it is when he makes a production out of giving Jakes’ a $35,000 gift in Jakes’ infamous money wheelbarrow. This gift if more than his average congregant makes in a year. See the video below.

[Contributed by Jeff Maples]


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Glenn E. Chatfield
8 years ago

Two peas in a pod. Both heretics who are ravening wolves.

7 years ago

RunningReckless says it all.