The Apostatizing of James MacDonald


Those of you who follow the teaching of Pastor James MacDonald should read this piece by Glenn E. Chatfield.  What he has to say about MacDonald will change your mind about him.  For one thing, he promotes wolves.


Wolf pack

I’ve never been one for listening to the radio, mostly because we often only get it in the car.  Now, when I had long drives to work I did enjoy listening to classical music, folk music, and Christian radio with teaching programs.  My wife has always done more radio because she will listen while doing various chores, such as sewing and other craft work, ironing, etc, and even while driving.  A few years back she discovered James MacDonald and thought he was an excellent teacher.  I listened to some and found him to be pretty much spot on. Then as time went by some of his stuff became more and more questionable, and before long I started reading all sorts of stuff about him through the Christian apologetics world.  How disappointing it has been to see a good teacher decide to follow and support every popular teacher out there, regardless of that popular teacher’s teaching!

I have previously alerted my readers to the following problems with Mr. MacDonald:

He claimed that if his congregants were experiencing financial difficulties, it was because they were not obedient with tithing (never mind that tithing is not for the Christian).  Isn’t this like the claims of the Word of Faith heresy?

Participated in the Code Orange Revival in 2012. This “revival” included a bevy of false teachers that no one with discernment should have joined with!  This article also points out other problems with MacDonald, including his endorsing false teachers like Beth Moore!  Continue reading

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2 Responses to The Apostatizing of James MacDonald

  1. Karen Lewis August 25, 2015 at 1:10 pm #

    So sorry to hear you will not be on StandUpFortheTruth. Praying for your son’s full recovery. Just want you to know how thankful I am for people like you who do the research for us and post it. I just found Watchman Bagpipes, Cripplegate, and Living4HisGlory from one of your posts……the last one mentioned will be a great discernment read that I would have never found on my own. I don’t go searching without someone I trust and know leading me on the internet, too risky.
    I read a lot of books since I have retired in 2007 and just sit and wonder at the “signs of the times” we are seeing…….Matthew 24……II Timothy 3……I would be lost in fear if not for my knowledge and grace of Christ. Praying your posts continue till He comes for us…….Karen Lewis

  2. Glenn E. Chatfield August 26, 2015 at 11:46 am #

    Thanks for the link to my article! Mary Dalke’s article at
    was the impetus. She had some solid reporting on MacDonald which I felt just had to be shared.

    I found Mary’s site a few weeks back when she posted the article about Paul Young and his new book “Eve.” She seems to have some solid research!