The Highway to Utopia

Progressives are trying to steer the world into Utopia.  How will they accomplish this lofty goal?  Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, reveals their plan, which involves science and coercion:


Free will is messy—especially other people’s free will. It’s so annoying, when you know what’s best for them, and you’re kind enough to tell them so, and they still won’t listen to you. Really, it would be so much nicer all around, so much more efficient, if the common people didn’t have free will. I mean, they’d be so much better off…

This is how a Progressive sings the blues. It must be maddening, to know how to steer the world to Utopia and not be able to do it because those poor dumb dopes out there bitterly cling to their religion and their guns, not to mention their primitive, xenophobic politics.

But help is on the way! As usual, Science has provided the solution. It always does, you know.

Last week scientists in the United Kingdom announced that they could dramatically reduce, or even erase, a human being’s religious beliefs, simply by bombarding the brain with powerful magnetic impulses that don’t exist in nature. As a bonus, they found that the same procedure also made their test subjects much more accepting of “immigration.”

Does this prove that atheism and liberal politics are merely evidence of brain damage? To refute that claim, we invoke Science’s most potent counter-argument: “Shut up!”

I image this high-tech procedure can be very costly, even if it really does make the subject’s mind right and offers a reliable means of dealing with free will. It’s early days, though, so we don’t know yet if the “treatment”—they propose to “treat” religious belief, which their own humanist religion classifies as mental illness—is reversible. Might the subject’s faith pop up again someday? Might he sue the scientists to get it back, or compensate him for its loss? Things could get awkward.

But where Science falters, coercion must carry the ball.

Here in America, professors at Cornell University have proposed a cheaper, simpler way of dealing with free will. They say the university should just have a policy of never hiring Republicans.  Continue reading


Scientists Claim They Can Change Your Beliefs On Immigrants and God With — MAGNETS

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