The Tyranny of Decadence

Society is experiencing the same sort of moral anarchy that occurred when the Weimar Republic ruled Germany and liberal ideas and pleasure seeking became the norm. Dr. Peter Jones is the Executive Director of truthXchange and one of the world’s foremost experts on paganism.  According to Dr. Jones, there has been a pagan transformation of the West, starting with the sexual revolution of the 60’s — and what the change agents have in mind is far worse than any of us can imagine.  He believes the battle for the spiritual health of our children has just begun.

In his latest blog post, Dr. Jones gives us a glimpse of what liberals have in store for the culture; likewise for Christians.  He writes:

In our present world, decadence is replacing decency. For the sake of personal freedom our culture sanctions a sexual revolution that German sociologist, Gabriele Kuby believes “will quite possibly prove to be the most destructive revolution in history.”  She goes on to state that “the extent to which that satanic system will go for [sexual] freedom…is nowhere better seen than in abortions.” Someone has said: “Abortion is the willingness to kill for the sake of the willingness to copulate.”

There are sobering cultural parallels with our time. From 1918 to 1933 the Weimar Republic ruled Germany. After the defeat of the proud German nation in WW1, many Germans threw caution to the wind, spent big and partied hard, aware that both the economy and the government were destined to fail. This became a time of liberal ideas and new forms of pleasure-seeking. Seizing on the liberality of the time, the cabarets of Berlin, Munich and other cities entertained their gay, lesbian and transvestite patrons with open displays of sexual nudity.

A history of the period describes the social situation in the following way: “Even [ancient] Rome had not known orgies like the Berlin transvestite balls, where hundreds of men in women’s clothes and women in men’s clothes danced under the benevolent eyes of the police. Amid the general collapse of values, a kind of insanity took hold of precisely those middle-class circles which had hitherto been unshakeable in their order.”

This moral collapse was followed by economic collapse, as the government irresponsibly printed so much money that the Reichsmark became worthless. For instance, in 1918 one dozen eggs cost half a Reichsmark; in 1922, three Reichsmarks; in January, 1923, 500 Reichsmarks; in September, 1923, 30 million Reichsmarks and only one month later, in October, 1923, four billion Reichsmarks! The “resolution” of this state of affairs came with the arrival of totalitarian National Socialism in 1933.

If politically or economically we are not at this point (though the national debt has never been greater), we do find ourselves living in a society which affirms that same-sex eroticism, ubiquitous pornography and gender manipulation are valid expressions of human freedom and that to oppose them is an unacceptable expression of bigotry, which must be suppressed. On the one hand, our children are exposed to outright degeneracy, while on the other hand, their Christian faith is being suppressed. Continue reading

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4 Responses to The Tyranny of Decadence

  1. Manny1962 June 8, 2017 at 12:08 am #

    I think it really began before Rome, before the world had some of the salt of Christian influence, God had to flood the Earth to cleanse the land from the cultural decadence that was the norm. Rome was the harbinger of things to come! The emperors were bisexual at best, to unbridled depraved monsters like Caligula. The 1800s saw an explosion of the mystic arts and seances, spirtism and in certain wealthy circles…..satanism, the high priest being Alistair Crowley. That was embraced by the rockstars of the 60s such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and the Beatles, whereas Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones went down the satanic ladder, The Beatles went to the East, which expounded free love (debauchery) under the influence of drugs and altered states! The 60s were a seething breeding ground for all sorts of debauchery and devil worship. The 70s saw the rise of homosexuality under the guise of “freedom” from convention, The Village People, Elton John, Liberace, were all accepted as part of the culture. Then HIV and AIDS, the pariah lifestyle became the movement for empathy and acceptance of “diverse lifestyles.” In other words…….it was all accepted as normal, all of Hollywood comes out to accept it’s own and collect funds for a cure. The 90s saw political correctness become a pseudo religion that would eventually capitulate organized religion, in the meanwhile the Supreme Court declares homosexuality the law of the land, with many Churchianity leaders like Rick Warren putting up a feeble response and quickly recant after the priests of Political Correctness threaten to label them homophobic, judgemental, intolerant and finally biggot. Very few “leaders” stood up for the word of God, the silence was deafening. Here we are in 2017, we Christ-believing, scripture reading followers of Jesus, are but a small number. Jesus’ winnowing fork has been separating the wheat from the chaff, the wheat from the tares. Decadence is here to stay, each day it grows worse and worse, television is unwatchable at any hour of the day, what passes for literature is smut, children in public schools are taught things that would make a decent adult blush. The tyranny of decadence has snared the world because the world loves it’s sin, loves the darkness more than the light, is it any wonder the Bible says they marvel when you don’t do as they do? This is another glaring sign of how close The Lord is to returning. From the Great Apostasy afflicting Churchianity, to the overt homosexuality plaguing the world, one must be blind and deaf to believe this is a normal part of society. The signs are quickly converging, soon a man will rise with all the answers, and another will arise to compel and convince the lost that he who has the answers is the future messiah. This is right around the bend! May our good and gracious God protect His own! May this ministry and the Christians here contending for the faith keep moving forward in His will and His protection, may we stand tall and stand true to Him and His word! God bless His people!

    • Debby June 11, 2017 at 3:46 pm #

      I’m copying and pasting your reply to my page.

      I could not have said it plainer.

  2. Sheryl June 8, 2017 at 3:16 am #

    Isn’t it conspicuous how the media conceals such images from the eyes of the public in order to maintain the deception of “normalcy?” Parents these days have a difficult task in raising children with moral, biblical values when they’re bombarded from every angle to conform to society’s worldview. Nevertheless, parents should be comforted in the knowledge that God will redeem whom He will. Satan cannot have God’s elect in any generation.

  3. Manny1962 June 8, 2017 at 7:21 am #

    The media is part and parcel of the demonic world system. They’re the mouthpiece for the abominations running rampant. They’re solidly, openly and proudly behind every sin under the sun! I don’t watch any news, I get my information by scouring the net and piecing information together and then verifying through different sources. It’s tedious and time consuming, but it will shock anyone awake! There’s so much going on in the world economically, politically and socially that it’s confounding. Having scripture to reference, one can easily see where we stand in God’s timeline! Not by setting dates, but by seeing the historical changes and alliances being formed! All the end-tiimes players named in scripture have moved even closer to their foretold positions. Truly The Lord is at the threshold! There’s no time to waste!

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