The US Supreme Court “gay marriage” ruling – how we got to this, and what do we do now?

MassResistance (MR), a pro-family group based in Massachusetts, admits that the pro-family movement as a whole made huge blunders in their approach to winning the “culture war.”  According to MR, the “religious pro-family establishment is as treacherous and opportunist as the national Republican Party establishment.” No surprise there.  I’ve reported on the deceptive pro-family movement for several years and so have other online discernment ministries.  Our beef with p-f groups is who they choose to align themselves with.  One example is the apostate New Apostolic Reformation. So that you’ll know who these p-f leaders are and the ways in which they’ve given credibility to the worst sort of false teachers imaginable, I’ve included a few eye-opening articles at the bottom of the page.

Now to MR’s full report.

SCOTUS Same-sex "marriage"


On June 26, the US Supreme Court ruled that “gay marriage” is a constitutional right guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment. An enormous amount has been written, including by the dissenting Justices, clearly exposing it as fraudulent, unconstitutional, and illegitimate – no less than pure judicial political activism.

Probably most egregious, according to federal law Justices Ginsburg and Kagan should have recused themselves from this case because they had performed “gay marriages” and had voiced support for making it legal, and for LGBT rights in general. Thus the conduct of the case was a violation of the respondents’ right to an impartial hearing – implied in the Fourteenth Amendment’s “due process” clause.

But this judicial activism was the culmination of years of powerful unchecked political (and psychological) momentum.

What really happened?

Probably the biggest reason we’ve been losing this battle so spectacularly rests in the laps of our own movement. It pains us to say that in many ways the religious pro-family establishment is as treacherous and opportunist as the national Republican Party establishment.

For the past decade, the religious pro-family establishment has essentially made a deal with the devil on the LGBT issue. As they took on the “culture war battles” they desperately didn’t want to be labeled as haters, bigots, fringe elements, etc., by the liberal media and political class. In return they implicitly agreed not to demean homosexual (or transgender) behavior as being immoral, perverted, unnatural, destructive, unhealthy, or medically dangerous. Although they support traditional marriage, they purposefully didn’t oppose homosexual civil unions or domestic partnerships. And although they preached that “every child needs a mother and a father,” they didn’t oppose adoption by homosexual couples or describe the practice as harmful to children.

This large scale self-censorship was an incredible benefit to the LGBT movement over the years. It completely freed them from having to defend their most vulnerable and obvious weaknesses. Instead, they were able to pound away ad nauseam with their contrived “civil rights” arguments (which also were left unchallenged). At the same time, our side busied itself with unconvincing discussions of the nature of marriage, what’s “better” for children, religious freedom, and the like.

This terrible strategy also greatly hurt us in the LGBT “culture war” battle in society in general.  The refusal by our movement and its leaders to tell the truth allowed corporations, politicians (including the GOP), civic organizations, left-wing churches, and other institutions to cave in to the LGBT movement largely unimpeded. (Our favorite: Pro-family groups rebuked corporations by politely asking them to “Be neutral in the culture war,” instead of demanding “Don’t support perversion.”) Continue reading


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