Voddie Baucham’s big move to Africa

Reformed pastor Voddie Baucham talks with World Magazine’s Warren Cole Smith about his work at home and explains his bold move to Zambia with his wife and seven of their children.

Voddie BauchamVoddie Baucham is a husband, father, pastor, author, professor, conference speaker, and church planter. He currently serves as pastor of preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas. He’s also served as an adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Houston. Whether teaching on classical apologetic issues such as the validity and historicity of the Bible or the resurrection of Christ or teaching on cultural issues, such as gender roles, marriage, and family, he says his goal is to help people understand the significance of thinking and living biblically in every area of life. We had this conversation at an event hosted by Alliance Defending Freedom.

You’ve become well-known within the homeschool community, at least in part because you have nine children in homeschool. How did you decide to homeschool them? I didn’t know anything about homeschooling. I was on staff at a church in Sugarland, Texas, and there was a strong homeschool group there. Our older two children were the only two children we had at the time, and they had started school at the Christian school that was part of our church. I met these homeschoolers, and I was intrigued, mainly because I hadn’t heard about it.

This was around 15 or 20 years ago. Homeschooling was fairly new. Why did you choose it over a Christian school? As I investigated and as I just understood and grasped the concept of taking full ownership of that discipleship mandate, it just became more appealing to me. When I found out what was happening in the home-education community … the idea of being able to tailor education to the needs of our children and to the specific desires of our family just became more appealing to me. The idea of not being sort of burdened down by someone else’s schedule and agenda and even curriculum, those things just became more and more appealing to me. Those are the things that began to lead us in that direction.

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8 years ago

I REALLY am incredibly grateful for Voddie Baucham’s ministry to men. When I got my husband to listen to his sermons on the roles of men and women and biblical love and marriage, his WHOLE attitidue turned around and he turned to Christ in spirit and in truth, and he became faithful to me and to Christ. I THANK GOD for Voddie Baucham!