What really happened in Ireland’s “gay marriage” election: Massive US-funded “gay” blitzkrieg as never seen before.

Mass Resistance has done a thorough analysis of what happened in Ireland.  To win, the radical gay lobby had to spend a lot of money — and they did.  Estimates range from $17 – $25 million which is roughly 50 times what was raised and spent by pro-normal marriage groups. And homosexual activists did what they do best.  They played on the Irish people’s emotions. People were repeatedly told that those opposed to same-sex “marriage” are opposed to democracy, will damage lives, are against human rights, will hurt Ireland’s international reputation, will hurt Ireland’s economy, are in favor of discrimination, against love, hateful and the list goes on.

Following is the Mass Resistance analysis:

The well-funded propaganda blitz in full swing. Photo courtesy Mass Resistance

The well-funded propaganda blitz in full swing. Photo courtesy Mass Resistance

Last Friday’s 62% vote in Ireland to legalize “gay marriage” has been hailed as a triumph of progressive thinking by the mainstream media and the political establishment. The outcome shocked many in the pro-family movement. But what the mainstream press isn’t reporting is even more shocking.

There is no question that the secularization of Ireland, the weakness of the Catholic Church and refusal of the Pope to intervene, the corrupt political class, and the relentless pro-gay media were all contributing factors to the “gay marriage” vote.

But the “Yes” vote would still most likely have failed if it had been a normal Irish election. Those same general conditions existed in many places here in the U.S. from California to Maine where “gay marriage” failed to win a popular vote.

This “culture war” election was conducted under extraordinary conditions that have never been seen anywhere before in the West. As we described in our pre-election article, virtually all of the effort to pass “gay marriage” in Ireland came from massive funding from the United States – primarily a billion-dollar pro-gay foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies –  in a sophisticated campaign spanning over a decade.

Background: Years of referendum losses by the LGBT movement

To understand how this Irish election was won, a bit of history from the U.S. is in order.

Most of us forget that for over 20 years, the idea of a “gay marriage” referendum passing anywhere seemed next to impossible. From 1998 to 2009, there were 31 statewide votes to completely ban “gay marriage.” All of them won. Some won by majorities as high as 80%. Even in Massachusetts, the LGBT lobby fought furiously to keep a “gay marriage” ban from coming to a vote. Their own leaders had come to believe that the only way they would make any “progress” in the U.S. was through the courts.

The big LGBT turnaround in 2012

Then, after the their 2009 “gay marriage” referendum defeat in Maine, the homosexual movement decided to craft an entirely new approach toward elections.

They brought together groups of political strategists, psychologists, pollsters, organizing experts, and various “think tank” types. They meticulously studied the data and their election experiences and designed a new set of strategies and tactics to win against their “right wing” adversaries.

They created a sophisticated propaganda campaign. They shipped thousands of activists into key voting areas to canvass door to door. In order to soften the average people toward homosexuality and create an animus against traditional religious values, they resurrected many of the “big lie” techniques used by the 20th-century totalitarian movements. For example, people were told over and over that not allowing “gay marriage” was bad for the economy and that only backward, ignorant, and superstitious people were still against it. Homosexuality was said to be the next phase of the Civil Rights movement. A key talking point was that by supporting “gay marriage” you are “on the right side of history” – a Marxist concept (later used by the Third Reich).

Fundraising became a major part of the strategy. For earlier elections they had casually raised about the same amount (or less) than the pro-family side. But now, they would tap the “gay” moneymen for very large sums of money.

And it all worked. In November 2012 they won all four statewide “gay marriage” referendum votes: Maine (a re-vote), Minnesota, Maryland, and Washington. In those races they spent between five and ten times as much as the pro-family side. Their propaganda was shrewd – for instance, putting forward friendly faces of “gay” couples who seemed just liked everyone else. Their winning margins were not large (between 51% and 53%), but they won.

Shortly after the 2012 wins, the LGBT movement published an article in a Maine newspaper describing much of their “turnaround” process. And since then, they’ve been virtually unstoppable.

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  1. Darrel June 3, 2015 at 8:46 am #

    So you think this will never happen in the “good old USA?” Consider this: Every major protestant denomination has already capitulated to the demands of the lgbtq crowd, the pagan rcc has condoned and currently practices this abomination from the “priesthood” on down yet the public persona is one of disdain for “gay marriage” (the ultimate hypocrisy). Especially guilty is the SBC where the blow-hard leadership displays it’s own brand of hypocrisy on a daily basis. Sexual offenders of all types have been and still are excused from any form of meaningful punishment. The Sweep Beneath Carpet preachers and leaders go out of their way to see that their favorite sons are held guiltless-examples too numerous to ignore. Lies are employed-some subtle, some ‘in your face’. Guilt transference is used to a great degree by all false prophets where the objector is “guilty” of attacking the “man of god” as if his position in the “church” automatically gets him a “get out of jail free” card.

    Think this is their (lgbtq) last conquest? Think again. This will embolden them for more vicious battles. Already we see children on their list along with polygamous “marriages”, some are bold enough to say they want to marry their favorite animal. Disgusted yet? I hope so, because the lgbtq’s are not finished yet, they are coming for you and me, those that are born again by the Spirit of God. Their aim is to get the real believer to deny his God and Savior, Jesus Christ; to renounce the Bible as the Word of God; to say that homosexuality is not a sin and that God blesses them for what used to be called an abomination. They will not be satisfied until the real believer is humiliated on his knees before them, begging for their forgiveness. But will such an event satisfy them? Probably not, not until they have made you and me a willing participant in their filthy deeds.

    There has never been a society in human history that has embraced the sins of the sodomites and survived, ours will be no different. The decay began decades ago and now we find ourselves at the last “and God gave them over…” of Romans 1. One of the lies that has been most effective says that we are to “love” them as they are and let them do what they want. If you do so there will be no guilt for you since you have displayed your “love” for them. The Scriptures teach otherwise. Refusing to tell someone the truth because you think it will hurt their feelings and not be “loving” is actually the grandest form of hatred for that individual. Knowing the eternal fate of the unrepentant homosexual (you should know it) and keeping silent about it demonstrates love HOW? There is no example of silence in the face of sin being pleasing to our Lord to be found in the Scriptures. “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

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