Will True Christians Please Stand Up?

C.H. Fisher of TruthKeepers has a challenge for professing Christians: Don’t let this be the generation that sits idly by while evil darkens every sacred truth with lies.

John 8:31, 32

If anyone believes that it is easy to maintain a stand against the encroaching darkness, let me offer a bit of testimony here. It is not easy at all. Oh, it’s easy to make the stand, but maintaining it is quite another matter. I’ve been at this for 35 years, and it has not gotten easier. I’m not going to get into all the details lest someone thinks that I’m setting the table for a pity party. I just want people to know that they are to expect the opposition to be fierce when they stand for truth and righteousness. That’s why many have quit standing and many more will not even make an attempt to stand.

However, one day we will all be called before God’s Judgment Throne to give an account of our lives here on earth. There are all sorts of doctrines that people can hide behind to avoid being alarmed at that prospect. However, Christ clearly said that “whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:33) In my opinion, not to oppose the evil that denies Him before the masses makes the guilty Christian culpable with that denial.

The fact is that Satan wishes all professing Christians to become passive, apathetic, and so anemic that they cannot even stand for basic truth. Then he can come unrestricted to pollute and spoil everything that is left. But it is now time for all true Christians to speak and stand up for truth. When the enemy says “sit down”, then stand up. When he says “shut up”, then speak up. Can you hear me shouting now? When he says “stop writing”, write a book. Don’t wait on someone else to do it.

I know that some people feel inadequate to speak and write against heresies. Let me encourage you to wipe that feeling from your spiritual system. Some people can speak and write in simple terms so that even children can understand them. To whom that applies, will you please pick up your pen, open your mouth, or head to your word processor. The enemy is rampaging through Christianity with a hoard of heretics at his heels. He is flinging false doctrine about like a madman throwing hot coals in a ripe grain field. It is time for every Christian man, woman, and young person to rise up to defend what God has placed in our care. Don’t let this be the generation that sits idly by while evil darkens every sacred truth with lies. You want Christ to be standing there as your advocate when you come before the awesome and holy God. Who is defending God before this mass of false teachers, spiritual directors, shamans, wizards, gurus, witches, and other New Age heretics that are flowing into churches like a hoard of hungry cockroaches?

I realize that this is not a very dignified post, but the enemy has breached the gate. There is no time to piddle about with benign platitudes. If there is any love at all for God in your heart, you cannot sit quietly breathing the foul odor of spiritual death and hoping someone else will carry out the garbage. You need to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit and make a stand. It will not be an easy path. However, Satan hates you no matter what and he is committed to making your life miserable. All that is gained from allowing him to work unmolested is a period of false peace. Eventually, he will come to pay you in full for your silence with destruction and death. So you may as well experience the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings as a courageous defender of the truth.

Take a stand against the Emerging/Emergent Church movement and its contemplative spirituality. Don’t support the apostate people who are spreading this deadly heresy. Equip yourselves and get educated about this growing evil doctrine that threatens to destroy Christianity. Arm yourselves with God’s word, stand up, speak out, and don’t back down. Truth has just as much right to be heard as error.

Will True Christians Please Stand Up (part two)

Source: TruthKeepers

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4 Responses to Will True Christians Please Stand Up?

  1. Darrel December 30, 2015 at 11:54 am #

    Part two includes an interesting (and totally wrong) conclusion about the fate of Christianity as a whole. He says-paraphrased-‘if Christians do not stand up it will mean the total end of Christianity’. It seems that Mr. Fisher never read the words of Jesus: “I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” You have to know what you are standing FOR before it can be clearly seen what there is to stand against. If CHF really believes his own words, then it is clear that he is not acquainted with the God of Scripture, His character, the fact that He is in TOTAL control of all men-even the wicked ones-and that nothing “takes Him by surprise”. In a word, He is the Sovereign of the universe in all matters, a fact not altered by whether we believe it or not. When we begin to see who the God is that we claim to love and serve, then standing in opposition to His enemies becomes ‘second nature’.

    Our duty is simple: preach the Gospel.

    • Edwitness December 30, 2015 at 2:39 pm #

      Good stuff Darrel,
      God is in control and all things are going according to His plan.
      Mr. Fischer does seem to be placing some emphasis on works that according to scripture are applicable only to rewards and not to salvation.
      But, with your legalistic interpretation of scripture I was surprised by your comment. Pleasantly surprised, but surprised none the less.

  2. Walter Thompson December 31, 2015 at 12:24 pm #

    I agree! It is time for true Christians to stand up. Standing for truth is NOT legalism.
    It is true that God is in control of all things, but He does not limit our freedom of choice.
    The Bible does affirm that God wins and His church goes through to the end. It does not say that more than a remnant will still be a part of it in the end.
    Loving God, serving him faithfully in love, and serving our fellow men in love is not contrary to the Love of God. His law is universal, unchangeable, eternal, and living according to it our of a spirit of love is not legalism. It is Love.

  3. Friend January 5, 2016 at 10:05 am #

    Mr. Fisher is providing a warning to Christians to wake up and defend the truth of God’s Word. One of the mission fields is the church, sad to say. If we see something and say nothing/do nothing then we are in sin. If I see a woman in my church reading ‘Jesus Calling’ or ‘The Circle Maker’ or exalting JHagee, should I just walk past and ignore this? NO, I should not and have not (shaking in my boots, yes, but do so out of love for God and Jesus and my fellow believers). Speak the truth in Love and we honor our Lord and Savior by doing something. Christians are being led astray and the pastors do nothing! They acknowledge that the women are reading Joyce Meyer’s garbage and do nothing! It seems that many Christians do not know when they are being rebuked, confronted, corrected by the Holy Spirit. They desire to walk with man, not the Lord Jesus. Why is this? Too much unity at the expense of TRUTH? Our Lord tells us/warns us to ‘Be Ready’, to ‘Be watching’, ‘To consider carefully what you hear’. May God convict us daily.

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