Without Apology: 7 Reasons Not to Be Ashamed of the Hard Parts of the Gospel

Sadly, many who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ fail to stand up for Him.  When it comes to standing up for what they believe in, they cannot find the words to defend their faith.  For example, when the subject of homosexuality comes up in conversation, many professing Christians are reluctant to share what the Bible teaches on the sin of homosexuality.  Why?  Because they’re ashamed to pass on what God says about sinful behavior in His Word.  For those who find themselves in this quandary, author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley offers 7 reasons Christians must not be ashamed of the hard teachings of the Gospel.  She writes:


Romans 1:16 is such a great verse, isn’t it? And one of the things that’s great about it is that we can all agree on it. I mean, no self-respecting Christian would dream of saying she’s ashamed of the gospel, would she? It’s a rallying cry for evangelism and for standing against persecution. Of course we’re not ashamed.

In theory. But in practice?

You see, the gospel is the good news of salvation. And, while we don’t tend to share the entire Bible when we share the gospel with someone, the good news starts in Genesis with a holy God who created a perfect world, and moves on to the first people who messed everything up with their sin, a whole bunch of subsequent people who couldn’t be faithful to God and keep His Law, Christ and His redemption of sinners, and the Revelation of the hope of His return at the end of time. So, “the gospel” really stretches from the front cover of your Bible to the back cover.

Are there any parts of it you shy away from in evangelism, discipleship, or teaching?

What about the atheist you’re witnessing to who denigrates your God for committing genocide in the Old Testament?

Were you afraid to speak up the last time you were the only Creationist in a room full of evolutionists?

Have you ever seen some poor pastor or male teacher tiptoe his way through the minefield of a passage on marital submission or the biblical role of women in ministry lest the wrath of church ladies befall him?

Are you reluctant to be known as someone who believes and will unequivocally say that homosexuality and other deviant sexual behavior is a sin?

Hey, we’ve all been there and failed. These are tough passages for sinners to hear, after all! When they come up, we should certainly approach them wisely and lovingly with people, but we should take care never to wish these things (and others) weren’t in Scripture, feel embarrassed about them, apologize for them, or act as though we have to make excuses for God about them. We need to be just as willing, bold, kind, and comfortable saying, “The world did not evolve, God created it,” and “You must repent of homosexuality along with all your other sin,” as we are saying, “God is love.” Why?  Continue reading

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noel rochford
7 years ago

Hi to all. You should go and see the scriptures on PAULS CONVERSION after he was blinded by the LORD on the road. 3 days later the lord told ANNINAS to go and pray for SAUL and very reluctantly he went and did what he was told to do. And like many today comfortable CHRISTIANITY is they way to go…NOT SO if you follow what CHRIST SAID would happen to BRO PAUL. He will SUFFER many things in and for MY NAME SAKE. Well here we are in LAST DAYS which PUALsaid then. THE ANTICHRIST IS HERE NOW. then .US we just have a larger mas of humanity for CHRIST TO DO HIS WORK not ours….The entertainment church cant hack SUFFERING+++++++ for his NAME SAKE..Well if we need a good exampel didnt PAUL SAY MY GOSPEL WHICH I PREACH. CHRIST PERSONNALY CAME TO PAUL TO GET HIM ON THE WWWWAAAAAYYYYYY. Before he died saying ALL OF ASIA HAS LEFT ME none have come to my defence except 1 man he mentioned in scripture. No different there then so what is to be expected NOWWWWW. SELAH. P .S. he knew what was laid up and in store for him and us THAT ROBE OF RIGHT++++++ / THAT CROWN OF GOLD he had run his race we still have to run OURS. P. T .L.

7 years ago

At the end of the day………the simple answer to the rejectors of scripture is: because God said so! Remember the parable about the pearls and he swine. Those with a soft heart can be reached, those militant, God hating folk will not be unless The Lord Himself cracks their stony hearts. I personally do not care how an unbeliever sees me…….a simpleton that believes fairy tales and in invisible people! Great! Bring it on! As Paul said be ready in and out of season and have a reason to give for your salvation! The world can go fry itself! LOL! Can you imagine Paul alive today?! What a field day he would have!

3 years ago

Link to the rest of the article no longer seems to work. I’ll keep trying…
And on the subject: I’m in (BSF) bible study and I foolishly assumed we were pretty much of like mind — I said I was going to decline attending a gay wedding. I was saddened at how some enthusiastically endorsed it. Same with a fellow Christian friend who paid for her whole family to go to a destination gay wedding. Was so disappointing.
Coincidentally, I was doing research on BSF and ended up here after pulling that thread. Sad to say, BSF isn’t looking too good right now.