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Free from sin

[Allegedly] Homohobic people “more likely to display other undesirable psychological traits”

Not surprisingly a new study has just come out of Italy claiming that people who “harbor homophobic attitudes” suffer from a psychological disorder — a phobia.  So now liberals can point to a  scientific study that supposedly shows that people who believe homosexuality is a sexual perversion, such as Bible believers, are “homophobic,” as if […]

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Brazilian boy simulating sex

Video of Young Boy Dancing Sexually in Streets as “Gay” Pride Attendees Cheer Raising Concerns

So those of us who think it’s wrong for a young boy to simulate sex in public are labeled homophobes. Homosexuals can’t defend this sort of behavior so what do they do?  Name call.   Adults should protect this child, not exploit him. Heather Clark, columnist for Christian News Network, reports: A video recently posted to […]

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