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Here is a collection of some informational interviews in video and radio podcast format, covering various topics. Enjoy and share:


How Not to Shipwreck Your Faith: A Pirate Gang Conversation
False Revival Coming; Does Anybody Care? – with Warren Smith
Jesus Calling: Whitewashing the Red Flags – with Warren Smith
Has Your Church Fallen for the Lies of the NAR? A Pirate Gang Conversation


“A Word Fitly Spoken”
Podcast series with
Amy Spreeman and Michelle Lesley


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  • Discerning Todd White
    How can we be wise and discerning when false teachers start telling the world that they’ve seen the light of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? This happened recently when preacher Todd White surprised his audience by telling them that he repented for not giving them the whole Gospel all these years. Known for his […]
  • God is Love!
    Is God all love, ALL the time? Yes! And His definition of love includes holiness, righteousness and wrath. In this episode we discuss how the Bible describes God’s love, and then share a few ways the world and even some Christians have a slightly distorted view of God’s love. Resources: Darren Wilson (director of Finger […]
  • NOW are you ready to homeschool?
    You may be painfully aware that public schools have long been infected with a radical agenda that is intentional and well thought out, planned and executed for more than a century without many of you even knowing it. If you have school-aged children and your reflexive thought whenever you hear the word “homeschooling” is, “I […]
  • Glad you Asked: Pride, Parenting, Evangelism and Denying Self (Updated)
    Our listeners ask great questions! Once again Michelle and Amy head to Scripture to answer these thought-provoking questions sent in from our listeners: How can Christians navigate Gay Pride Month? Should you confront a mom about something your kids said her kids did? How can you find out if someone is a false convert? What […]

Theology Gals: New Apostolic Reformation with Amy Spreeman


Seeker Sensual Church  – The Pirate Gang