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“A Word Fitly Spoken”
Podcast series with
Amy Spreeman and Michelle Lesley


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  • Discerning False Teachers: Joyce Meyer
    One of the more popular women’s teachers we do not recommend is Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer ministries. She’s been a teacher for 40 years, and is known around the world as a speaker, televangelist and author, and through her many conferences and television episodes aired on untrustworthy stations like TBN and others, her teachings […]
  • Women Preaching?
    Words stand for something, right? The words we use in our Christian faith used to be fairly clear cut, but over the last few years some definitions seem to have become somewhat murky: evangelism, preaching, and how Christian women biblically fit into that equation.
  • How to Study the Bible – and How Not To!
    The Bible is supernatural. It is complete in itself and needs no other books or commentaries to supplement it. But how do we study it? One of the kindnesses God has shown us as unique people made in His image is that He hasn’t said there’s only one “right way” to spend time with Him […]
  • Glad You Asked – Christmas 2020 Part 2
    In this second of two parts, Michelle and Amy go to Scripture to answer your questions in depth, including: Has Santa been involved in Christian tradition originally, or was he something recent or pagan? How risky is taking our families to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services amid a pandemic? Is it safe to sing […]

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