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Here is a collection of some informational interviews in video and radio podcast format, covering various topics. Enjoy and share:


How Not to Shipwreck Your Faith: A Pirate Gang Conversation
False Revival Coming; Does Anybody Care? – with Warren Smith
Jesus Calling: Whitewashing the Red Flags – with Warren Smith
Has Your Church Fallen for the Lies of the NAR? A Pirate Gang Conversation


“A Word Fitly Spoken”
Podcast series with
Amy Spreeman and Michelle Lesley


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  • Don’t get trapped in conspiracy theories
    Long before whispers of covert COVID operations, conspiracy theories have been rampant – and rabid. Should we as Christians spend time looking into the Illuminati, secret societies or symbols and codes in music and movies, or buying into the flat earth theory? What about vaccines and doomsday prophecies? What about 5-G towers and injections that […]
  • 7 Ways to Mortify Irritability
    Have you been struggling with the stress of stay at home orders – not being able to go to church, or get your hair cut, or visit loved ones in the nursing home or hospital? It seems that all of this upheaval in normal, day to day life has produced a constant low-grade stress and […]
  • What are Essentials and Non Essentials?
    When it comes to doctrine, what are essentials and what are the non-essentials, or secondary issues? When Christians speak about essentials, what they’re talking about is the fundamentals of our faith, and what we believe about God that makes us His own.
  • How Does the Holy Spirit Lead Us?
    Sometimes when we say the Bible is sufficient to guide our lives, the question arises, “What about the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit? How does that fit in with the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture?” There are so many theories and teachings about this third person of the Trinity that it’s no […]

Theology Gals: New Apostolic Reformation with Amy Spreeman


Seeker Sensual Church  – The Pirate Gang