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Here is a collection of some informational interviews in video and radio podcast format, covering various topics. Enjoy and share:


How Not to Shipwreck Your Faith: A Pirate Gang Conversation
False Revival Coming; Does Anybody Care? – with Warren Smith
Jesus Calling: Whitewashing the Red Flags – with Warren Smith
Has Your Church Fallen for the Lies of the NAR? A Pirate Gang Conversation


“A Word Fitly Spoken”
Podcast series with
Amy Spreeman and Michelle Lesley


RSS A Word Fitly Spoken
  • 6 Ways Pastors Can Protect Their Churches from False Doctrine
    In this episode Michelle and Amy discuss some foundational ways pastors can build a wall – an invisible, spiritual wall – around their churches to keep false doctrine out and to protect their congregations from being attacked by the vicious enemy.
  • A patriotic Gospel? Putting politics in perspective
    This episode is going to get political, but not in the way you might think. We are just at the beginning phase of the election season, a time when our country here in the United States is in a frenzy over who ought to be our next president For many Christians, it’s a time when […]
  • Excommunicating the Elderly: Kicking Wisdom to the Curb
    Do you long to reshuffle the congregational deck and get some young blood in the pews? Recently a church in Minnesota made national news headlines for doing just that – and even secular media took notice! In this episode, Amy and Michelle discuss why this is not only a bad idea, it’s unbiblical.
  • Women Preaching the Gospel?
    Words stand for something, right? The words we use in our Christian faith used to be fairly clear cut, but over the last few years some definitions seem to have become somewhat murky: evangelism, preaching, and how Christian women biblically fit into that equation.

Theology Gals: New Apostolic Reformation with Amy Spreeman


Seeker Sensual Church  – The Pirate Gang