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The well-funded propaganda blitz in full swing. Photo courtesy Mass Resistance

What really happened in Ireland’s “gay marriage” election: Massive US-funded “gay” blitzkrieg as never seen before.

Mass Resistance has done a thorough analysis of what happened in Ireland.  To win, the radical gay lobby had to spend a lot of money — and they did.  Estimates range from $17 – $25 million which is roughly 50 times what was raised and spent by pro-normal marriage groups. And homosexual activists did what they do best.  They played on the […]

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Ireland will not force churches to wed gays

DUBLIN– Ireland on May 22 became the first country to hold a public vote amending its constitution to allow gay marriage, but the change will not force houses of worship to perform the unions. Instead, gay couples will be able to enter in “civil marriage,” a separate institution from but affording all the legal benefits […]

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Decisions ahead for Irish churches after country adopts same-sex marriage

DUBLIN  — Ireland became the first nation to adopt same-sex marriage by popular vote May 22 after a months-long campaign by advocates of traditional marriage to preserve the institution failed. The referendum drew more than 1.2 million people to the polls for the vote, which has now shifted once-conservative Ireland squarely into the liberal column […]

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Gay Ireland hails “a new Republic” as same-sex marriage approved

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Gay couples flocked to central Dublin to celebrate a “historic watershed” on Saturday as a large majority in the traditionally Catholic country voted to allow same-sex marriage, the culmination of a four-decade struggle for gay rights. Waving rainbow flags, embracing and crying, two thousand people gathered to watch the official results in […]

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