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A Pox Upon Our House: Three Chronic Diseases Plaguing Women’s Ministry

Bible study author, speaker and blogger Michelle Lesley examines women’s ministries. According to Lesley, women’s groups aren’t nearly as effective as they could be for a umber of reasons. For example, because many women hardly ever read and study their bibles they’re biblically illiterate. In other words, they know not what they believe and why they […]

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Women often study books by  false teachers such as Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer

The Danger in Women’s Ministries

Aimee Byrd, author and contributor on Mortification of Spin wrote a series (see below for 2-4) on the topic of looking at discernment and women’s ministries.  She wonders why are there so many gullible women in churches?  “Have we made any progress in equipping our women to discern truth from error in what they are reading? Do […]

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