My concern was with women elders and deacons in the church. To prepare I studied Scripture. I set up a meeting with the pastor and spoke to him about my concerns with having women elders, deacons, and pastors. He agreed to meet. I would also like to add that I was not saved at the time, but I started to read my Bible in the summer of 2016, and wanted to know why they were not doing what God’s Word said being that they call themselves a Christian Church.

We were both very respectful to each other. He did listen but didn’t change. I got very upset and posted on Facebook, “Who believes what the Bible says!” This prompted a very lively discussion. Because the churches in this town do church how ever they want to. Including a Lutheran Church that was promoting Rob Bell.

We then had a meeting at our home with the same pastor because my husband was teaching the junior high on Wednesday nights. The pastor twisted Scripture to affirm women leadership. After this meeting my husband was asked to stop teaching the youth. We were allowed to attend church but not teach. We left the church and my husband found a really good Baptist Church in another town. And because the Lord is faithful I was saved! These churches in this town do not share the gospel! And we have a pastor that is very faithful to God’s Word!! Also our pastor is very supportive of us standing up for God’s Word.

I learned that no matter what, say something. When I be see someone going against God’s Word it eats away at me until I confront them.

My husband was a Christian when we got married, but compromised God’s Word because he was taught that you don’t say anything. He tried sharing the Gospel with me but didn’t do it well. We ended up going to all kinds of churches. Catholic, United Church of Christ (LGBT affirming), Semi Charismatic church, Mennonite churches and Christian church with women pastors and elders and deacons elders and deacons.

The only thing I would change is the way it affected me and my family. I was very angry and thought my husband had lied to me our entire marriage. I became very depressed and suicidal because of how difficult it was and how painful it was for me to lose my friends and trust with my husband. I even stopped talking to some of my husband’s family members because they didn’t respect our wishes to not talk about the Bible with our children, as they have liberal theology. (We are still trying to figure if they are saved, and how should we continue our relationship with them.)

Also our children had to go through a lot which is another story in itself, but even this is getting better. But I am learning to be okay with people being mad at me. And my husband is standing up for God’s Word as head of the house hold. He wants to do it and our marriage is better for it. We are not perfect but our marriage is better than it ever has been after 18 years! What a difference the Lord can make when you follow His ways. I am so thankful for God’s Word and that I get to Worship God in truth and in love.

Taking those first steps to share concerns with church leadership can be daunting. One helpful resource: How to talk to your church leaders about false teachers.
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