I texted an Elder from our Baptist Church after he read Jesus calling before Communion. I sent him a few articles about this book as well. I’ve been given a cold shoulder and no reply. Kind of sad as I addressed the message lovingly. I told him my experience with book and how after I read a few well written articles. The Holy Spirit confirmed in my spirit that I could no longer read it. I asked him to pray about using the book in his devotions. I gotta tell you, my Communion experience that morning was shattered.

I prayed and listened to a great sermon concerning this book. I asked God for confirmation on how I was feeling about him reading the book. I then was given the name of a sermon via podcast with Olive Tree Ministries.

He never responded and I felt ignored. I learned that many men are very proud and do not want to be admonished.

Taking those first steps to share concerns with church leadership can be daunting. One helpful resource: How to talk to your church leaders about false teachers.
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