We took our family from a church because we knew something wasn’t right, but it wasn’t until we were in the next church that my research started and we had words. So, while we weren’t able to confront the first church about their seeker sensitive, emergent, contemplative ways, years later we were at a church where the associate/youth pastor favorable quoted Brennan Manning in his sermon.

I emailed Pastor Chris Quintana for advice and he called and talked to me and my husband about what our next steps and attitude should be when confronting the pastor. It was agreed that a good place to start would be giving the pastor a Lighthouse Trails booklet on Brennan and then having a meeting to discuss which direction the church was going with teachings like that.

I approached the pastor with the booklet and said that I would like to meet after he and the youth pastor had time to look at it. I was nervous, but felt that it needed to be discussed.

I was never granted a meeting. I was given a letter of reprimand about how they don’t teach it, promote it, etc. and I just was going to have to learn to trust the leadership. They were doing God’s will. And I was being a Sanballat.

That pastor ended up having a “fall from grace” and stepped down. They put the youth pastor in his position and we have left the church. We have been blessed to find a church where the Word is preached and warnings are given about what is being passed off as truth.

My advice: In the beginning, I would get quite angry when discussing false teaching/practices with others, but I’ve learned that at one time, to some extent, we were having the wool pulled over our eyes as well. So, give grace while giving the truth. Also, if the truth is rejected, don’t take it personally. And just keep praying. keep studying the Word, stay aware and be discerning.

Taking those first steps to share concerns with church leadership can be daunting. One helpful resource: How to talk to your church leaders about false teachers.
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