Sarah B.


I noticed a change over the last few years in “seminars” being run on leadership that included no biblical teaching. Worship music started changing, more Bethel songs and songs that seemed to be about how people felt rather than a worship song. They seemed to turn into rock concerts and now offer earplugs on entry Sunday morning. I’m only 36 this is not me being ridiculous about sound. The church library started having books from various authors that promote prosperity doctrine and false teaching.

I found examples in books of the authors I thought shouldn’t be in our library to highlight they were false teachers. I had some bible verses prepared and some authors which I thought might help. I found a examples of where Bethel music and it’s teachings were not biblical.

As soon as I mentioned I had concerns, the conversation changed and the pastor become very defensive. When I mentioned the music, he scoffed at me as if I was being silly. When I said that there were some authors that were not biblical in our library, he said to me “who would you recommend to replace them” I gave a few names of theologians I knew or had heard of. He said back to me “those authors have issues too. Where do you draw the line?” So nothing I suggested was good enough. He also said that most pastors these days are Amillenial and I needed to just deal with that and views to the contrary are outdated.

I left practically in tears and was very discouraged. I don’t go there anymore but haven’t found a new home to attend. No one ever followed up with me. Most appalling to me is the pastor never prayed with me during that meeting.

My advice: I think that unfortunately most pastors don’t like being challenged. And I firmly believe I am in the minority with my views. I’ve spoken to others who don’t see the problems with what i raised. Church leadership is more focused on their reputations and control than listening To congregant concerns. I won’t go through that again. In the search for my new church I ask the pastor right away of their thoughts on things like the NAR movement. It gives me an indication of where they stand. But overall, if you choose to confront any Pastor- you’re likely to “lose.” For every bible verse I had, he had three others. It was emotionally defeating. I’m still not over it and it was two years ago. God bless you for this ministry.

Taking those first steps to share concerns with church leadership can be daunting. One helpful resource: How to talk to your church leaders about false teachers.
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