Liberation-Not For Everybody

Youth Testify, a new program launched by Advocates for Youth and the National Network of Abortion Funds is “helping young people advocate for their reproductive rights and reframe the narrative around abortion.” Reframe the narrative? According to Peter Jones, re-framing means that “not a word of warning will be given to young women about the death knell that will forever echo in their hearts.” (Emphasis added)  Not surprisingly, the new program has the help of abortion mill and seller of baby body parts, Planned Parenthood.

Dr. Jones believes that “This immoral seduction of the rising generations in the West is working.” And he wonders, “What kind of a society will these conscience-hardened young people create when they become our judges, senators, newspaper editors and school teachers?”

A very frightening prospect.

You can read Peter Jones’ thought provoking article over at truthXchange. He writes:

It is shocking to see in our Western culture a worldview that “progresses” by way of lies into moral chaos and human tragedy. Expressed with studied ambiguity, these lies anesthetize the next generation to the only true morality on which genuine human culture can survive. Journalist William Smith notes the fall-out:

The present cultural conflict is deeply rooted in two diametrically opposed civic religions…Since the 1960s, America’s leaders have been educated through an immersion in the culturally radical and postmodernist narratives… [The] primary goal of higher education is to sensitize the future establishment to [radically-framed] issues of race, gender, and class…Elite education is no longer designed to hand down a common cultural tradition and to serve as an intergenerational transmission belt for the American and Western heritage.

The Sixties notion of free sex was designed to liberate the rising generation from the sexual restraints of the past. In reality, however, free sex denies freedom to millions of human beings, who are slaughtered in the womb. In cleverly manipulative language, pro-abortion advocates accuse defenders of the unborn of “taking away women’s access to health care.”  Women and their doctors become self-justifying murderers in the name of women’s rights and human flourishing. This deceitful corruption of language can never make honorable the slaughter of defenseless children.

Consider how Deb Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth defines the moral fights “worth having”:

Young people are leading the way on every fight worth having…. Whether they are marching for gun control, police reform, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ health and rights, racial justice or reproductive justice, young people are mobilizing for a more just and equitable world. Our job is to provide them with the tools and support they need to make their vision a reality.

This immoral seduction of the rising generations in the West is working. In the UK, the student council of the well-respected Warwick University will not allow pro-life students to participate in incoming student welcoming programs. The Students’ Union supports a “pro-choice stance” because a prior “democratic” student vote affirmed abortion. There is, therefore, no obligation to allow the pro-life group any official place on campus.

Another linguistic sham is “reproductive justice,” which really means genocidal child murder. According to Chelsea Clinton to be pro-abortion is even a “Christian” requirement:

When I think about how many women pre-Roe died [or] were maimed because of unsafe abortion practices,…That’s unconscionable to me,…and as a deeply religious person, it’s also un-Christian.  Continue reading


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