New NAR “Passion Bible” a dangerous heresy


Have you heard about the latest Bible “translation?” This one comes from the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) camp, from the brain of one man, a human-appointed “Apostle.” It’s called “The Passion Translation,” written by Brian Simmons of Stairway Ministries.

Simmons has actually released four installments of his new translation:

Coming this fall he is releasing Proverbs, Wisdom From Above.



More spiritual manipulation

Simmons says our standard translations of the Bible, transcribed by hundreds of scholars from the original scrolls, are just head knowledge and don’t adequately capture God’s passion. (He apparently missed the part in 2 Timothy 3:16 that says that every word is breathed-out by the Holy Spirit.) From his website:

The Passion Translation Project is a groundbreaking attempt to re-introduce the passion and fire of the Bible to the English reader. God longs to have His Word expressed in every language in a way that would unlock the ‘passion’ of His heart. The goal of this work is to trigger inside of every English speaker an overwhelming response to the truth of the Bible as it is unfiltered by religious jargon – unfolding the deep mysteries of the Scriptures in the language of love, the language of the heart. Accurate to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, but passionately powerful in a contemporary form.

Holly Pivec over at Spirit of Error blog points out that Simmons is manipulating Scriptures to make it appear that heretical NAR teachings and practices such as “prophetic singing,” the “transference of an anointing,” and the issuing of “apostolic decrees,” are actually supported by the Bible – which of course is false. But to the biblically illiterate, it will sound so right:

This translation is potentially one of the most disturbing developments in the NAR movement. Simmons is following in the footsteps of the major cults of Christianity who have released their own translations of the Bible, including the New World Translation used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Joseph Smith Translation used by some groups of Mormons.

By creating a new NAR translation of the Bible, Simmons is shaping the way a generation of NAR followers will read and understand Scripture–and also creating a divide between those who use the NAR translation and those who don’t.

It remains to be seen how many NAR people will make the switch to this NAR translation of the Bible. If a lot of them do switch Bibles, then The Passion Translation could truly–as its advertisements say–”impact the Church for years to come.” Source:

Hat Tip: Bart McCurdy

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21 Responses to New NAR “Passion Bible” a dangerous heresy

  1. Chris November 8, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

    Love the passion translation. If you want to have a passionate revaluation of Gods love read it!!!

    • Chris January 18, 2016 at 5:53 am #

      I do so agree with you. I would never use TPT as a totally word for word accurate translation of the word of God but it certainly captures an aspect of God’s heart for us which I have not see in any other translation, I love it!

    • pAUL mETZ March 21, 2016 at 1:51 pm #

      “forever seeking life in scripture , yet unwilling to come to me’. So many scholars,Whatever happened to dependence on the spirit of Truth? so little life. Why on earth would any one compare any other translation with the weak NIV?I have studied out of a variety of translations and theological constraints. You heard me right, constraints. The natural mind , whether Greek or Hebrew cannot receive the things of God, for they are spiritually discerned, Seek His help in these matters.The issue is in a knowledge of God which translates into Christ’s character and deeds. Anyone who comes to “ME” I ,shall in no wise cast out.How do you analyze my statements? I suggest you check in with the heart of God before you use extensive knowledge to bring about His will.

  2. Sola Scriptura November 13, 2015 at 7:59 pm #

    The Passion Bible is a tragedy. Some of my wife’s friends in ministry love it. Really, a war for God’s word has been going on since the 200’s. Below is a brief history of that war. Please…ignore it at your own peril:

    • svet August 4, 2016 at 3:13 pm #

      it is not a war for God’s word, but war of religion, the war between belief systems, it is a war for your mind, instead of being in His presence you spend your time and energy to argue and fight…. don’t you think if u are His child (born again christian, the new creation) that He let you stumble on this or any other book? dont you think The Father will always protect His children? especially if you are a young christian, a baby in the spirit???? Why dont you ask Him to show you what is the truth and help you seek it? ask Him what book to read and which one not to? spend time with Him more then you do with the book, no matter what book it is…. talk to Him!!! you’ll be surprised when He’ll start to respond, in totally radical way, the way you would’ve never even imagine!! He can talk through movies, cartoons, even commercials… u should try it..

  3. Grace December 15, 2015 at 1:11 pm #

    Just a thought on this: The NIV version that is compared with the NAR version are two different parts of Proverbs 8. The NIV is Proverbs 8:1-11 and the Passion Bible is Proverbs 8:14-18. I’m not saying the Passion Bible is heretical or good…I have not read enough of it to know if the differences are like the differences between NIV and ESV or the Message, or if it is a twisting of God’s words. But it is important to compare apples to apples, so it would be helpful to compare the same verses of Proverbs 8. It’s a bit misleading to have two different sections, which looks like the Passion Bible is far more different than it actually is (at least in this passage).

    • Kam January 12, 2016 at 6:31 am #

      Awesome catch Grace! Its amazing what lengths some will go to just to prove a point or disprove a thing. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chris January 18, 2016 at 5:55 am #

      Well spotted, I had not noticed that!

    • Lori September 15, 2016 at 10:36 am #

      I noticed that as well and was disturbed by the authors willingness to deceive to try and bring validity to his argument.

    • Dory Robertson December 8, 2016 at 9:10 am #

      TO GRACE yes I agree it is more than a bit misleading to say u r comparing verses when u use a different portion of the proverb. I wonder if u do this to compare other passages. Don’t try to deceive people who really know the truth of God’s Word. yes there are bibles that even deny who Jesus really is and what He did to set us free but there is the anointing of discernment for those who will seek the truth and reality of the Kingdom of God. It is sad to know there are people who will try to denounce ministries and anointings they don’t agree with.

  4. Chris January 18, 2016 at 5:57 am #

    It is actually lying to do that and has destroyed any validity this person has with regard to telling us TPT is heretical. I see ‘prophetic singing’ is heretical too, oh dear I am an heretic! An heretic who loves God with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my strength and with all my soul!

  5. Sue March 14, 2016 at 3:06 pm #

    This point doesn’t make any sense at all “(He apparently missed the part in 2 Timothy 3:16 that says that every word is breathed-out by the Holy Spirit.)”. Simmons is talking about old “translations” not the actual, original Word of God. Old scholars translated the original scrolls into English so we would be able to read it. He’s absolutely correct, they used only “head knowledge” which was factual and done in a language that they would understand then. But even the NKJV is different from the original language and has lost a lot of meaning or context. This article has zero validity. It’s just negativity and maybe the author should actually read The Passion translation to understand the love of God instead of trying to tear apart a movement that might actually be a really great thing!

  6. Sharon March 24, 2016 at 5:13 am #

    For those wanting a proper comparison…
    Proverbs 8:14-18 NIV
    [14] Counsel and sound judgment are mine; I have insight, I have power. [15] By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just; [16] by me princes govern, and nobles—all who rule on earth. [17] I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. [18] With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. …

  7. Mike April 5, 2016 at 4:24 pm #

    This isn’t even comparing the same verses… “Stand up for truth?”. That is so sad that this kind of deception is thought to be ok. Apples to apples, as another commenter put it, is probably the only way to actually compare the “translations”.
    Let us all pursue Jesus and receive revelation from the Spirit of truth. I have noticed that a lot of ONLINE ministries claim to discern, and yet rarely ever directly involve themselves in any true context of Christ’s body except to “judge fruit”. Isolated, and seemingly unhappy people lacking joy and grace, that have possibly missed the message the angels first delivered to shepherds keeping watch over their flocks that (forever changing history). “…GLAD tidings, of GREAT JOY, for ALL people…”- (Paraphrase 😉 ). Those that receive newness of life in Christ via repentance should walk in JOY, and carry that good news to ALL people. Discernment isn’t a manifestation of the Spirit to cause disunity in the body, it is actually the discerning of spiritual things (possibly the discernment of evil spirits. or the discernment of knowing what is the source of something ie. sourced from God’s spirit vs. a human spirit or evil spirit [the latter possibly fits better with 1 Cor. 2, although I am not opposed to it being the ability be the Spirit Manifest to see demons). Online discernment ministry should probably not be a thing. In fact, I don’t even think its possible to have a true online discernment ministry, especially one that would compare two different places in the scriptures “side by side” to manipulate a verdict on ANY topic.

    Just some thoughts. Lets all STAND ON THE TRUTH, and let the truth be spoken through us in LOVE.

  8. Salvada April 5, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    For your reference, here how the Bible was said to be commissioned by Jesus Christ to Brian Simmons to write today version and anointed by the Holy Spirit to understand Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Check on “It Supernatural” on YOUTUBE.

  9. Amy Dawson April 14, 2016 at 7:54 pm #

    From what I have read of the Bible, NOT the passion translation, phrophetic song is completely Biblical. Paul refers to the Psalms as “prophetic,” Miriam was considered a prophet and would break out into song. I do not think Brian is wrong about that.
    Neither is he wrong about transference of anointing. As I recall reading my “non heretical” Bible that Elijah transfered his anointing to Elisha. It distinctly says that Elisha did not receive an anointing in the likeness of Elijah’s but actually the same anointing was passed down, the very same, not a copy.
    If it is heresy, do not worry. Let the weeds grow with the crops and in time what is not of god shall be burnt in the fire. If it truely is heresy, it will not withstand the millennium.

  10. Abraham June 20, 2016 at 5:53 am #

    Only Gullible people swallow everything what any Tom, Dick and Harry says. Righteous and wise know how to evaluate a thing by the Spirit of God and they will not judge superficially. See Isi 11:2-4.
    If You condemn a translation by saying that it is “one man’s work” that sort of condemnation is not right. Even Jesus Christ (one man)was condemned by MAJORITY. Roman Catholicism has perhaps the maximum membership.Majority never prove anything.Jesus said that the father and he are together and that two men’s witness is true.You compare the said bible translation with NIV,and you don’t even know that NIV itself has many errors. That itself prove that you are not competent to do that sort of evaluation. Please fear God,and remember that you are to stand one day before the judge of all the earth and will be accountable to EVERY WORD that you speak.Has God made you competent to Evaluate a bible translation Or has he given that work to you ? God allots each a sphere and limit.Don’t dare cross it .

  11. LJ Overton July 12, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    First, as several individuals in their comments pointed out, the “side-by-side” comparison of Proverbs 8 ISN’T a side-by-side because the NIV is quoting verses 1-8 and the TPT starts with verse 14. It’s right there. You can see the verse numberings. So, of course, they are going to sound different. I don’t know who is, and I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you would think a true Berean would get the same verses side-by-side. In trying to point out an error, they’ve made an error themselves.

    Also, you cannot take just one passage that sounds different and make a general argument from that. Dr. Simmons states emphatically that he is not trying to provide a word-for-word translation. He is providing a translation that communicates the passion and heart of what the original hearers would have sensed, felt, and heard.

    This article is not very scholarly. You cannot prove a point by quoting from someone’s blog. If anything, the quote from Simmons’ website speaks in his favor that he used the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts as he translated. From my understanding he was a missionary and linguist with Wycliffe Bible Translators for decades. Wycliffe has been a reputable and trusted organization for quite a while.

    Finally, this article has a snarky tone to it. In other words, not a very gracious spirit.

  12. Tyler October 24, 2016 at 1:39 am #

    It would help if you actually compared the same verses!

    NIV Prov 8:14-18 (what you have quoted in the passion translation):

    14 Counsel and sound judgment are mine;
    I have insight, I have power.
    15 By me kings reign
    and rulers issue decrees that are just;
    16 by me princes govern,
    and nobles—all who rule on earth.[a]
    17 I love those who love me,
    and those who seek me find me.
    18 With me are riches and honor,
    enduring wealth and prosperity.

    Now that you are aware of this error, please edit this page to be a truthful reflection and not an illegitimate hype- and division-creating attack on your brother in Christ. Thank you. May God bless you richly.

  13. michael d January 29, 2017 at 2:03 am #

    As soon as you said you were using the NIV as a comparison, you lost me. Why would you use a questionable translation to to call attention to a questionable translation?

    Why are you speaking out against people who are working in the harvest field? Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of correcting error. My suspicion is that when each of us, including you and I, stand before Jesus Christ there will be a lot of correction to our theology.

    Luke 9:50 New International Version
    “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”

    Let’s let Holy Spirit and love do the correcting.

  14. John Bradford March 2, 2021 at 7:46 am #

    This whole website just makes me sad.

    This is my testimony: I’m 62 years old, raised in the church, divorced, remarried, a recovering alcoholic (sober 22 years), grandfather to 10 kids. Not a great guy, not a bad guy, just a hard working regular guy. A sinner who needed saving, but even more so because of the fact that I thought I was going along swimmingly in life. I knew Jesus and felt I was doing ok spiritually since getting sober, when I thought about it. But I wasn’t thinking about it all that much. I certainly wasn’t hungering for God.

    Then things fell apart: I became disabled late in my career and I lost my job, and with it I lost my self esteem and worth. I couldn’t do anything other than to sit, and I was in constant pain. Believe me when I tell you, I was wanting to leave this life early because I could no longer accomplish anything I felt was worthwhile. I was coming very close to doing something about it, and I was really, really struggling. I was in a hole I was unable to get myself out of, because I could see nothing to look forward to except pain and lost abilities.

    My prayer warrior sister had gotten me a Passion Translation Bible for my birthday. I picked up the Passion Bible and started reading Romans because that’s where the pastor was teaching from when I got sober 22 years ago. I loved the message of Romans of grace for the lost, and salvation thru faith alone, not works.

    I read Romans in this new translation in one setting, and I was so excited. Through a series of long, tearful nights on my knees pleading with God for help, I finally completely ‘gave up’ on my hopeless attempts to find truth and meaning and purpose in this life without Christ. I gave up on controlling my life and gave it all to Christ. I was truly ‘born again’, and I was JOYOUS! In the weeks after that, I sat down with my children and their families individually and told them that I was now dedicating my life to Christ. I invited them to please watch my life from here on out, because I hoped to show them to a man changed. I hope to give them an example of a man being reborn into a Godly man. And to please tell me if they ever felt I was being a hypocrite about my faith in any way.

    I don’t do stuff like that. I’m telling you, I became a changed man.

    Since then, I have read the New Testament portion of the Passion translation 3 times over in 2 months. I read paragraphs over and over again until I think I comprehend it. I look up references, and I’ve marked it all up. Before this, I haven’t sat down and read the New Testament completely in my whole life, and I don’t think I ever made it even a week straight of set aside Bible study time. I’m crazy about this Bible and my new faith. I bought a PTB for my cousin whom I love dearly and struggled like me with his faith.

    Then I’m on the internet, and I find a website like this. Now I know that I am praying to the same God, the same Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit as the people/persons who run this website and think this way. The Bible translation that I enjoy so much is under attack from a variety of Christians for a variety of reasons. Some are saying it’s not even a ‘translation’ at all, but merely one man’s interpretation of how that person would like the scripture to read.

    I have read the examples given on this website and others of ‘errors of interpretation’ in specific instances. Sorry, I do not understand the controversy whatsoever in the reading of the scripture. Yes, the words are different, but it seems to me that the scriptures are saying the same thing, it just makes more sense in the Passion Translation.

    I’m also supposed to be upset about the people or forces behind this translation. There are claims about a nefarious organization and this organization wanting converts or control or something. Sorry, I will read the PT Bible until my dying day and I won’t feel threatened in my faith by any subterfuge of a shadow organization that’s leading Christians astray.

    I’m also supposed to be upset that this man who did the translation describes his having a spiritual experience and then wanting to produce a new translation. A new translation of a Bible that is filled with people having similar spiritual experiences. The website questions the authenticity of his spiritual experience! May we question yours? You mock the man describing ‘God’s Library’, saying “God doesn’t have a LIBRARY!”

    I feel the need to tell the people behind this website that I believe you are way off base here in this website. And that what you are doing is actually contrary to God’s Will in bringing people to Christ. How is this website making men and women faithful followers of Jesus? All I see here is the sin of pride.

    I believe this website is missing the whole Gospel of the Good News!

    Christ tells us our faith is not expressed by believing in a certain doctrine, but by our acts of love to one another. I am to love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, talents, everything. And I am to love my neighbor as myself. In fact, I am told ALL OF THE COMMANDMENTS are summed up in this.

    The Passion Translation Bible tells us we have been sanctified before God by the actions of Christ of the cross. That because of what Christ did, and the resurrection of Christ, I can be made right with God. And I have been made right with God because I truly approached him with a pure heart and asked for His intervention in my life. And now Christ will not let go of me, he will see me thru till the end. I am saved! That is the rock bottom Gospel, that is the Good News. It’s not about doctrine! Do you really believe when we get to Heaven that we will have been ‘right’ about what we thought about everything? Or mostly wrong? I’m sure I’m going to proven to have been mostly wrong about most everything. The Gospel is surely about that if nothing else! That we’d never be ‘right’ enough, or have enough knowledge, or enough correct doctrine to be good enough to be reconciled to God. We only have the works of Christ on the cross to be made right with God.

    I am quite certain I have wrong ideas and wrong thoughts and wrong doctrines about Christ and my faith. I’m positive I am wrong on many things. But Christ will set me straight when I need to know. All I truly know now is that I’m hopeless without Christ, and salvation is at hand because I am trusting in Him for that very thing. Christ will set me straight, when I need to know. I will know so much more than I do now, and I won’t be ashamed for being wrong now about most of it, because I will have been on the right side of Christ for the only facts that matter: That Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, died on the cross to make sinners right with God. And that Christ took the burden of all of our sin to the cross, and Christ died and went to hell for my sin. On the 3rd day, He rose in Glory to be with God. And that He will return for His believers, alive and dead, and set us Christians up in a new Heaven and a new earth.

    I hope my comments make sense and maybe you can take a fresh look at your ‘mission’ here and see if it’s truly what you hope to accomplish on earth. You clearly have a format and a need to make a difference for Christ. I’m just sure arguing doctrine is not the best use of it.

    In Christ, John Bradford.