Bethel’s Medical Healing Conference to bring army; activate impartation

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.10.46 AMA gathering of medical professionals who pray for their patients seems like a fantastic idea, in the right context. But there is more to Bethel Church’s upcoming Medical Healing Conference than meets the eye. The April event starring self-proclaimed “prophet” Bill Johnson invites medical professionals to experience Bethel and “marry the natural with the supernatural,” or the science of medicine with God.

You may be thinking, “Good! There’s nothing unbiblical about praying for patients or asking God to skillfully guide a surgeon’s hand.” And on this point I’d agree.

But this is no ordinary conference, and its goal, as you are about to see, is anything but biblical Christianity. I’d like to show you a glimpse behind the curtain.

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If you know nothing about the dangerous unbiblical theology behind Bethel Church of Redding, Calif., and its lead pastor Bill Johnson, this report may surprise and concern you. I’ve included many links at the bottom of this article for you to begin to study and research why so many discerning Christians are warning and fleeing this movement. Please hold what you learn up to the light of truth in Scripture.

To “Pull Heaven to Earth”

First, the conference itself: In this video, Bethel conference organizer Paul Manwaring (remember this name), explains how the conference goes beyond medicine to spiritual impartations for attendees, and a how-to lesson on “pulling heaven to earth.”

Dr. David levy, M.D.

Dr. David levy, M.D.

The Keynote speaker is Dr. David Levy, a Messianic Jewish surgeon from San Diego and author of Grey Matter, a book chronicling his introduction to praying for patients. I’ve reached out to Levy, hoping to alert him to what he is about to get into:

At 1:17 in the video, Manwaring says “He (Levy) is going to bring an impartation, that’s what this conference is about. It’s to activate an army of ministers who bring life where there’s death, and light where there’s darkness.”

Notice how it’s the conference participants who will bring life and light, rather than the true Life and Light of the world, Jesus Christ.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.01.12 PMThe “bringing heaven to earth” verbiage is part and parcel of the New Apostolic Reformation’s Kingdom Now or Dominionist movement, touting global revivals and taking over spheres of influence to hasten Jesus’ return to a better earth. That’s opposite of what Jesus teaches on the dismal condition of people and the rise of many false prophets before His return – in His timing.

Bethel’s Healers

Miracles and impartations are nothing new for false signs and wonders at Bethel, where Johnson has deceived many sheep with his many programs and schools:

Global Legacy Network

The Medical Healing conference itself is under the umbrella of the Health Care group within Bethel’s Global Legacy revival network.   Here, network director explains the prophetic “word” Bill Johnson had that launched this global endeavor, which Manwaring says is purposefully without a statement of doctrine to contribute to worldwide revival.

Video Excerpt: “It’s not about all roads flowing back to Bethel; it’s about a flow out of Bethel that enables each one of you to be successful. It’s about revivalists everywhere. We have many people who are connected to us, who are doctors and business leaders, working the spheres of media and government.” Global Legacy’s Paul Manwaring

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