Furtick joins Rod Parsley’s 2017 N.A.R. “Dominion Camp”

Elevation’s pastor Steven Furtick is aligning with Jesse DuPlantis, Perry Stone and others for Apostle Rod Parsley’s annual Dominion Camp Meeting. Parsley says he is ready to release a seven-times greater anointing into your life.

Check out the promo video:

Furtick has been full-on N.A.R. (New Apostolic Reformation) for years, and now he’ll be delivering this summer’s fresh anointing of apostolic covering at the annual event. Just last month I reported that Furtick’s church hosted an apostolic activation event, “Reset Charlotte”.

The New Apostolic Reformation is a dangerous, fast-growing movement of new Apostles and Prophets who will lead God’s end-times army in establishing His kingdom on earth, by taking authority over earthly and spiritual realms.

The NAR dominionists are commanded to take dominion over every aspect of social, cultural and religious life.  The NAR teaches that after 2,000 years, God is now restoring the lost offices of Apostles and Prophets to govern and rule all Christian churches in these end times so that Jesus is finally able to return to a perfected Kingdom on earth. All churches must submit to the authority of the modern-day apostles, who give churches new marching orders they say come directly from God.  (See our White Paper on the New Apostolic Reformation.)

Parsley’s World Harvest Ministerial Alliance is his own network of modern-day apostles and prophets, in which the anointing is passed from one leader to another in a “spiritual genealogy” to build the Kingdom.

How damaging is this counterfeit movement? Read the Leaving the NAR Church testimonies from those who have broken free of the NAR and hear in their own words the trauma of these false teachings.


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  1. Manny1962 May 13, 2017 at 1:33 pm #

    The ecumenism and The Great Apostasy keeps rolling! Furtick is just one amongst many joining the camp.

  2. Malinee May 14, 2017 at 1:52 am #

    After reading this article, I went to check about the woman in the group of guest speakers attending this conference – Kimberly Jones-Pothier.

    Pothier is a pastor, together with her husband, of a church. Her teachings are quite shocking. One of the videos available on Youtube is from a ‘Walk the Walk’ conference for women (posted on 5th Sept. 2013). During the talk, Pothier speaks to the flesh. The focus is mostly on “you” and about the devil. This is so dangerous because her teachings are also mixed with bible verses and using God’s holy name. It’s easy to see how women could be trapped into following after dynamic and engaging speakers like this woman. It’s quite frightening.

    After noticing how often Pothier references the devil, during her talk, she said, “Someone said the other day, ‘You give too much credit to the devil.’ I’m like, ‘no’!

    A short while after this statement, Pothier says, “You put a demand on the Holy Spirit!” and “Everything on the inside of you is God.”

    Absolutely shocking the way this woman speaks and claims to be hearing from God. Absolutely an abomination.

    Truly we are in the last days.

    • Manny1962 May 14, 2017 at 8:49 am #

      Great post Malinee:

      ““You put a demand on the Holy Spirit!” and “Everything on the inside of you is God.”

      How many times have we heard that from Word Of Faith charlatans?

  3. Malinee May 15, 2017 at 1:17 am #

    Another video Kimberly Jones-Pothier has posted on Youtube is titled: ‘Conquering Hell in High Heels.’ (12th May, 2013)

    Following are some things this female ‘pastor’ and ‘teacher’ said during the talk she gave to what appeared to be a mostly female audience.

    At around 21:21 Pothier clearly states, “My Daddy didn’t believe in female preachers. (Pothier, herself, is the daughter of a preacher.)

    Pothier shares about her own divorce and her remarriage to a man who is a co-pastor with her at a church.

    At around 31:00 Pothier openly encourages wives to not be forgiving of their husbands, even when their husbands have come seeking forgiveness. (There was much laughing coming from the audience.)

    *Pothier calls divorce a “story” and a “best-seller”. In fact, Pothier refers several times to her life being a “best-seller” and without any shame whatsoever.

    At around 57:30 she jokes about God’s Word by saying, “Aint it funny? I haven’t even looked at one scripture today. I ain’t got no bible education, but I sure got ‘life-college.” (The audience applauded.)

    In describing her relationship with Jesus, Pothier states, “I can’t even explain it. It’s better than any drug I ever did (references ecstasy, pot and crack cocaine). You are on a constant “high” with Jesus. It feels amazing every day when you go to bed with a purpose and a plan.”

    At around 1:08 Pothier goes on to explain about her “spiritual awakening” where she started laughing. She slips up, during her testimony and says she was Jesus! (Absolutely shameful.) Before quickly moving on to talk about the people she was associated with. Her description of her “spiritual awakening” includes, “This spirit came over me and all of a sudden started releasing people and laughing.” She was trying to get control of her body, she says.

    Pothier then goes on at 1:09 to describe the experience of coming out of her body and looking down on herself, from outside her body. She states that God speaks to her in “cartoons and bubble letters and these clouds and stuff”. This is followed by her going into further details about how she was feeling this freedom come all over her. She describes it as an “experience with Jesus” and that she’s never been the same. Once again, like in the previous video, Pothier states that she “put a demand on the Holy Spirit.”

    There is a lot more in the video, but one of the most shocking remarks this so-called ‘pastor’ and ‘teacher’ of our Holy and Righteous King of Kings and Lord of Lords stated was at around 1:26:50 of the video where Pothier clearly states: “… because the Jesus in me is so bright… that He just follows me.”

    Lost for words about this woman and her teaching and preaching. Totally lost for words.

    • SusanJ May 15, 2017 at 3:06 am #

      Thank you Malinee for going through one of this Pothier’ s ‘talks’ and giving us the evidence. It really is a help because we want to have proof yet just do not always have the time to go look for ourselves at everything. From what you have highlighted I too am lost for words. Sad so sad.

      What she describes is not salvation, it is not any kind of spiritual experience any woman should be going after. It is not the kind of talk anyone should be under. Or laughing at, like this is a good thing. How gullible and lacking in discernment. But how typical all this is of 2 Timothy 4:1-5. 2 Timothy

      Not being from the USA, and not being a watcher of TBN or God TV etc this was the first time I had seen the name Rod Parsley. I looked on his facebook page. I briefly looked at a couple of his videos and guests! “Words from the Lord” that Rod is wowing at and yet basically guests are encouraging people to be getting miracles and doing the biblical thing of being a ‘sustainer’. Ie giving to Rod Parsley’s ‘ministry’!

      2 Timothy 4:1-5 and 2 Timothy 3:1-8 speak loud and clear. And Paul says – imitate me as I imitate Christ. I have been thinking about that again how so much involves suffering as in ch 3:10-12 and other verses. Few of us in western countries suffer as Paul did. And yet it is still not the time for health and wealth for if we are living godly in Christ Jesus we will suffer persecution.

      • Manny1962 May 15, 2017 at 8:53 am #

        Good morning Susan,

        You are correct, once we start following Christ and standing up for His word we will be targeted, ironically those doing the attacking come from within, people who proclaim they follow Christ, but really follow the wolf behind the pulpit.

        I am so happy Malinee posted her comments, many followers of women false teachers use the defacto argument​ of mysoginy when a man calls out a woman for being unscriptural. Usually liberal, holding to a politicized gospel, these social justice warriors deride those pointing out heresy, NOT because of faulty teaching or behavior, BUT because the subject of scrunity is a woman. I’ve come across two recently here, militant, illogical, they speak of Jesus while being proponents of sin in the congregation.

        We must understand this was foretold to happen, it will be getting worse as the day of The Lord’s return gets closer. God is separating His from the world, the bride out of churchianity. Being a follower of Christ has a price, you will be ridiculed, you will lose friends, family members will shun you, but that’s ok, we have our Rock who is steadfast, He will make us stand! Sisters in Christ, please keep fighting the good fight! Maranatha and God bless you both!

  4. Grace July 28, 2017 at 12:04 pm #

    Jesus does not need any help from anyone concerning His Return!
    He Alone is God!

    NAR mandate is not of God !
    Stay away from all these false apostles and false prophets!

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