Brian Brodersen Now Promoting Contemplative Mysticism?

A new report says Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor Brian Brodersen is an active promoter of contemplative mysticism. Last November Brodersen led the Calvary Chapel split, quit his leadership position at the Calvary Chapel Association, and  announced he is establishing a new Calvary Chapel Global Network.

Today a new EmergentWatch news article reports that Brodersen is now actively promoting contemplative mysticism, that he is now not merely liking or sharing a post of a known contemplative – He himself is now an active promoter of contemplative practices. There is extensive documentation on the EW post, and I encourage you to visit the site and examine the evidence for yourself.

What is Contemplative Prayer?

Contemplative prayer (also referred to as centering prayer, breath prayer, meditation or listening prayer) is one of the most esteemed spiritual disciplines taught in spiritual formation. In both practice and purpose, contemplative prayer stands in contrast with what Scripture teaches about prayer. Practitioners believe that one must clear the mind of outside concerns so that God’s voice may more easily be heard and that one may be united with the “divine spark” within. (Check out our White Paper on Contemplative Prayer.)

Advocates of contemplative prayer believe and teach that it is a necessary practice if one desires to become more like Christ. In claiming this, however, they often appeal to the practices of ancient Roman Catholic mystic monks rather than the Word of God.