The Poison of the Enneagram

Christians, you have GOT to stop fooling around with the enneagram. Did you know that the nine “types” in the enneagram actually came from an occultist and his “spirit guide?” (i.e., demon.) The popularity of the enneagram teachings in mainline and mega churches has exploded in the past year as more celebrity preachers are giving this unbiblical trend a green light.

Over at my A Word Fitly Spoken Podcast, we sat down with Marcia Montenegro, co-author of the book, Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret.
Marcia once was steeped in Eastern spirituality and the New Age and was heavily involved –even seen as an expert –in Astrology. God in His mercy saved her out of all of that and her testimony is a must-read. You can find that on her website, Christian Answers for the New Age.

Take a listen:


Richard Rohr and the Enneagram Secret – Book Website: Marcia Montenegro
Top 7 Reasons the Enneagram is Unbiblical– A Word Fitly Spoken Podcast
Christian Answers For the New Age – Marcia’s Facebook page
Enneagram articles Berean Research



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bill (cycleguy)
2 years ago

I have not had the time or the chance to listen but have heard Marcia on Alisa Childers’ podcast. Thank you for sounding the alarm Amy! I have felt uncomfortable with the “E” ever since I first heard one podcaster say, “I’m a 7. What are you?” I sent several articles to a friend who is also a blogger and she has refused to respond nor has she stopped referencing it on her blog. I have pretty much had to shut down reading her blog. And I believe she has pretty much considered me anathema. I hope this gets a wide hearing.