How to Study the Bible – And How Not To

I’m doing a little cross promoting today, sharing an episode from a podcast that I do with Michelle Lesley called A Word Fitly Spoken.

I hope you don’t mind. I’m doing this because I am deeply concerned about the biblical illiteracy I am seeing, and it’s not getting better as we all would hope. No, it is getting worse.

I want women to be equipped in the Word of God, rather than in the latest book study from Lifeway or some other retailer which churches often use as a substitute for teaching their women the real deal.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us through Scripture. Not some other author’s ideas or messy experiences.
And this hard truth: Historical context is wonderful, BUT not even the best Bible commentary from the most sound pastor contains the power of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives and shape us into Christlikeness.

The Bible is supernatural. It is complete in itself and needs no other books or commentaries to supplement it. But how do we study it? One of the kindnesses God has shown us as unique people made in His image is that He hasn’t said there’s only one “right way” to spend time with Him in His Word. In our podcast, we discuss that there are lots of “right ways,” and “hows.”

Warning: there are a few wrong turns we want to help you avoid in your journey, so you’re going to get some tips on steering clear of doctrinal danger as well:

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