Why Jory Micah pushes our buttons

button-623174_640There are few false theologians out there who can send me over the edge of professionalism into sin; that place of anger where we have those conversations in our heads that do not glorify God. Regretfully, I found myself in that place the other day when I came across the absurd (and dangerous) rantings of “Christian” feminist and advocate for sin, Jory Micah.  She writes about her hatred of authority and of men. Her Twitter feed is packed with rancid rants against anyone who gently challenges her theology.


Though I didn’t engage with her, the temptation to do so was huge. I am thankful for repentance and Grace. (Boy, do I need it! Pray for me saints, that I pursue holiness in this matter.) It helps to pray for Jory, because the reality is she will need to face Jesus – not the one of her making, but the biblical One who died for her sins – and mine.
I won’t comment further, but will share a snippet of Brandon Hines’ piece about this matter:

The False Doctrine of Jory Micah

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-5-26-54-pmJory Micah is a feminist “theologian” who has risen to promote egalitarianism and women in leadership. Many times, Micah reads the Bible in light of her feminism and not the other way around. Such a reading of Scripture will not only lead to numerous heterodoxies but will cause someone to believe and teach heresy. This has happened many times with her theology.

A dissection of her Master’s Thesis will show a few troubling doctrines. Besides a poor handling of God’s Word and a few points that rely solely on creating confusion about the text of Scripture, one thing that stood out was in her introduction, when she said, “While Jesus walked the earth as a male, there is no biblical evidence that Jesus’ glorified body is still male in Heaven.” Either she is claiming that Jesus is a transgender or she is claiming that Jesus no longer has a human nature, the Eutychian heresy. Either way, that statement is a Christ-related (Christological) heresy.  READ THE REST HERE.


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6 Responses to Why Jory Micah pushes our buttons

  1. Manny1962 October 5, 2016 at 8:01 pm #

    Amy I know exactly how you feel……….! This woman needs our prayers, she is blind, headed toward hell, she is to be pitied and prayed for, she is perishing, perhaps The Lord will soften her hardened heart! Every time I’d hear Rick Warren’s name I was driven to the edge just like you, then I realized Warren is blind, pitiful and headed toward perdition. What gets you close to the edge is righteous anger, the name and the word of The Lord being insulted and scandalized, it is normal when one loves The Lord to feel such anger. The word says sometimes we must leave these people alone. If she continues in her blasphemy so be it.

  2. Sola Scriptura October 6, 2016 at 7:41 pm #

    The “many breasted one” is clearly a reference to the pagan goddess Diana, replicated by many other occultic traditions all over the world. Do a google image search of Diana and you will see how deeply evil these women who weave pagan occultism slowly into pop christianity.

    I pray people will wake up and get back to the scriptures, only the scriptures and nothing but the scriptures…so help them God:

  3. John October 8, 2016 at 6:56 am #

    I had dialogue with one called Nate Sparks who said the same thing in regards to El Shaddai. Saying that you can call God ‘she’. Eventually he blocked me from Twitter. There was back and forth in reference to God always referenced as ‘HE’ though God is a Spirit and neither male nor female. There also mentioned of Christ = Sophia to which I asked when you call upon the Name of the Lord for salvation will you be calling upon Sophia or Jesus? It was left unanswered. It is just the story of liberal thinking which is really heretical thinking. Inserting things that are not there in order to keep Christianity relevant with the culture. A rebellious generation.

    Nate takes pride in thinking he has the linguistics downpacked and as a result also seems to be an apologist for homosexuality though he will vehemetly deny he is such a person. natesparks130.com is his website. You can read about his rants. You will also see my post on his page where he wrote an article about being blocked from a christian bloggers FB page. Seems he is tore up about it.

  4. ERIC HIGH October 13, 2016 at 12:56 pm #

    The Book of Jeremiah at Chapter 23 talks of this kind of thing.

  5. Edwitness October 22, 2016 at 1:57 pm #

    Amy and All,
    The only reason that someone would have that would cause them to question things like this is to prove what they already believe to be true. Like the person who decided to prove scientifically that something we are born with makes someone a homosexual. He set out to prove it no matter what the evidence actually revealed.

    That is isogesis. Reading into it what we already believe to be true. Instead of reading it to instruct us as to what truth to believe. Unless a person allows the scriptures to say just what they actually say, it is likely that their own biases will affect the way they understand the scriptures.

    For example, a person believes that there is nothing free and that we or someone else must work for everything we get. Think about this as it relates to salvation. With this as our belief, what will it cause us to believe about how we attain salvation? Either ourselves or someone else will have to work to earn it for us. Is that true?

    She adds to the scripture by saying something like “it doesn’t prohibit it so it must be ok”. Or “it doesn’t say, so I can add that part as I see fit”. Or “to me this means that and that means this, so I can assume this other thing means that as well”. In all of these we find ways to add to the scriptures what is not there.


  6. Nate Pace October 23, 2016 at 7:42 pm #

    You can find a complete refutation of her Master’s Thesis here. http://www.BreakingTheGlassSteeple.com

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