In the aftermath: Muslims in Niger Burn 69 Christian Churches, Kill 10 Christians and Injure Hundreds

The headline is horrific, but there is an amazing thing happening in Niger: God is supernaturally transforming hearts, and giving victims and an entire community a heart of forgiveness:

“My prayer is that they would come to know Jesus and that the Lord would touch them even in a dream. I want God to do to them what He did to Paul the Apostle when he persecuted Christians. God touched him on his way to Damascus. I want those men to experience the same touch from God!” 

Here’s the story:

It took only a few hours, but it was enough time for hundreds of radical Muslims in Niger, West Africa, to destroy dozens of churches and several Christian homes. Ten people lost their lives and hundreds were injured when Muslim mobs went on the deadly rampage in early January.

Now, three months later, Christians living there are moving forward, determined to still preach the Gospel despite the dangers.

CBN News has obtained exclusive, never-seen-before video of dozens of these angry Muslims attacking, then burning Pastor Musa Issa’s church.

“They took pews, Bibles, chairs and sound equipment then set them on fire,” Issa, pastor of Bethel Horizon Church in Niamey the capital city, said. “They did this while chanting, ‘Allahu Akbar!’ I felt so sad. I started to cry.”

Wrestling Against Principalities

The cell phone video also shows the crowd beating a member of Issa’s church.

“I feel horrible when I watch the video. I ask myself ‘Why’? Why did they do this to us? What did we do to deserve this?'” Issa said.

It happened January 17, just 10 days after two Muslim terrorists stormed the offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, executing 12 people for publishing satirical images of the Islam’s Prophet Mohammed.

About 3,600 miles away in Niger, Muslims, angered by the cartoons, attacked the country’s Christians in revenge.

“We spent years building the church,” Issa told CBN News while standing in the ruins of his church. “Within minutes it was all gone!”

And it wasn’t just Pastor Issa’s church. Mobs also destroyed Boureima Kimso’s church.

“Sixty-nine churches and 11 homes were destroyed. That’s a total of 80 Christian buildings within a few hours,” Kimso said.

Kimso, head of the Alliance of the Evangelical Churches in Niger, says the viciousness of the attacks shocked the Christian community.

In Zinder, Niger’s second largest city, attackers burned all but one church to the ground. And in the capital city Niamey, 45 churches were destroyed, including Pastor Kimso’s.

“Absolutely, it was premeditated,” Kimso said. “It was organized. It was shocking because systematically in a few hours churches were targeted and houses attacked, so it means that someone organized and executed this plan.”

Three months later, the government of Niger has still not arrested anyone in connection with the attacks.

“I tell our brothers and sisters that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities,” said Kimso. “We have to encourage ourselves because persecution is part of the life of the Church. There is no church that existed without persecution.”

In addition to destroying several churches, the rioters also targeted Christian schools.

CBN News visited one such school on the outskirts of Niger’s capital city. The school was home to some 240 students, the majority of whom were Muslim.

As the Muslim mob ransacked each classroom, they left behind this message on each blackboard: “There is no God but God and the Prophet Mohammed is his messenger.”


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