Let’s stop snuggling the wolves

No matter how much love and humility Bereans have, they tend to take a lot of arrows from their own when contending.

Many times when those who stand firm in God’s Word as truth are told they have a critical spirit, it is because we have stepped on the tender toes of a teacher that is teaching the opposite of what biblical Christianity teaches. We are told that they are humble people with good hearts, and we need to stop bashing them.

May I suggest that these well-meaning scolders are possibly venting at the wrong people? The real dividers in the Church can be found in Romans 16:17,  Acts 15:1-5Philippians 3:2, and 1 John 2:19.

Many have bought into the truth-be-damned, politically-correct view that it is disgusting and divisive to hold up unsound teaching to the light of Scripture. But in doing so, these well-meaning folks who yearn for unity are hanging up a welcome sign for all sorts of doctrines of demons.

Leftist emergent Christians continue to lift up those who have departed from truth because they want to be seen as loving, and they want the rest of us to pipe down in front of those who do not know or care to know Christ. As if somehow the warnings about wolves from those faithfully contending will chase the unsaved away from the salvation that was just about within their grasp – but we ruined it.

It seems like forever ago when Rob Bell was one of those anointed ones you weren’t supposed to touch. Remember when people were called haters for questioning him?  “At least Rob Bell thinks outside the box,” they scolded, not bothering to count the cost of going outside the box of Scripture at the expense of the flock. Those who bravely tried to warn that Bell was a wolf in sheep’s clothing who has deceived many young people into the very hell he denies were taken to the woodshed. Many of their ministry leaders who stubbornly refused to acknowledge the red flags never did apologize to their people or repent of not protecting those dear ones entrusted to them. We’re seeing the fruit of that pride today.

Yes, Rob Bell has long gone the way of apostasy, and most of the visible Church knows it by now. The truth is, many of Bell’s followers no longer follow the Jesus of the Scripture, but one of their own making.

He no longer has such sharp teeth. Oh, he’s still a wolf, but one that is easy to spot and avoid.

And yet…

There remain many more wolves circling the sheep pen. They are not as easy to spot as Bell was; they are humble, they are respected, and if there were problems with their doctrines then surely the flock would be able to chew on the meat and spit out the bones, right?

There remain many more scolders who rebuke those trying to do what the scolders won’t: Protect the flock from danger, at the risk of losing their friends and their churches.

Let’s learn from history, and stop snuggling up to the wolves. There are no bones in the pure truth of Scripture.  Let’s listen to those with the red flags, and investigate their reports with an open Bible. And most importantly, Let’s fiercely protect our dear brothers and sisters from the dreadful jaws of deception.

Originally posted at Pirate Christian Media

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