Ligonier suspends R.C. Sproul Jr over Ashley Madison account

R.C. Sproul Jr

R.C. Sproul Jr

Uh oh. We knew there would be heartbreaking news of pastors involved in this:

Ligonier Ministries has suspended R. C. Sproul Jr. until July 2016 due to his admission that he visited the adultery matchmaking website Ashley Madison.

Ligonier was founded by his father, R. C. Sproul Sr., who still serves as board chair. The younger Sproul is one of the ministry’s teaching fellows, and is rector and chair of philosophy and theology at the ministry’sReformation Bible College. He previously edited the ministry’s magazine, Tabletalk.

In a blog post this morning, Sproul Jr. said he accessed the site “in a moment of weakness, pain, and from an unhealthy curiosity. … My goal was not to gather research for critical commentary, but to fan the flames of my imagination.

“First, I felt the grace of fear. Second, I felt the grace of shame. I was there long enough to leave an old email address. And within minutes I left, never to return,” he wrote. “I did not sign up for their service or interact with any clients. I have always remained faithful to my wife even after her passing.” (His wife died of cancer in 2011.)

Two weeks ago, a group identifying itself as “The Impact Team” released 25 gigabytes of stolen data from Ashley Madison, including millions of users’ account information.

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2 Responses to Ligonier suspends R.C. Sproul Jr over Ashley Madison account

  1. GNL September 10, 2015 at 12:05 pm #

    That should read “suspended with pay.” So basically he’s being “disciplined” by being given a long paid vacation at the expense of Ligonier Ministry donors. I think once the donors figure out they’ve been hoodwinked there could be a backlash.

  2. Thomas March 5, 2020 at 6:22 pm #

    Given RC Jr’s history of sexual deviancy I wasn’t all that surprised to discover Sproul covered up the sexual predations of a serial pedophile in his church, Steven Sitler. This is the same Sitler who later went to Doug Wilson’s church in Moscow Idaho and molested dozens of children there too.