Rachel Held Evans and Homosexuality

Glenn Chatfield of The Watchman’s Bagpipes takes on Christian author, blogger, and speaker Rachel Held Evans for her unbiblical response to the recent terrorist attack in Orlando.  Outraged by the event, and rightly so, Evans posted a commentary on Facebook to show her support for homosexuals.  In doing so, she chastised Christians who come out and say what the scriptures clearly teach regarding sexual sin. Held, who is emergent, doesn’t like it because, in her view, those who hold that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God “hurt LGBT people every day.

Chatfield does a stellar job dissecting Evans’ commentary.  He writes:


On 13 June 2016, 7:51PM, Rachel Held Evans posted on Facebook a commentary about the Orlando murders committed by a Muslim. The following in blue [bold] is her commentary, with my comments below each section.

Orlando. There isn’t a tweet, a prayer, a sentiment in the world that can adequately express the heartache so many of us feel today. As the names and pictures of the victims begin to emerge, we find ourselves oscillating between sadness and anger, between calls to prayerfully grieve and calls to get busy enacting change.


“Homophobia” is a word made up by homosexualists* to marginalize the debate against homosexual behavior.  Etymologically the word simply means a fear of sameness, which really makes the application to homosexuals inane.  I’ve never known anyone, nor have I read about anyone, who is afraid of homosexuality.  However, the point of the word is to attack people who say that homosexual behavior is wrong, perverted, against God, and that we should not be forced to give it sanction in any way.  Yet here is a woman who claims to be a Christian using the word which was designed to attack Christian beliefs.

religious extremism,

Another nebulous term.  How can one be “extreme” in their religion?  I’m an “extremist” Christian in that I fully believe what the Bible says and strongly adhere to the Christian faith.  What Evans and her ilk attempt to do here is to claim the attacks such as the one in Orlando are perpetrated by only “extremists” of the Muslim faith, but in reality these people are only “extreme” in the sense that they choose to live by the real teachings of Islam.

unfettered access to weapons of war, 

Like the majority of liberals, Evans seems to consider anything other than a hunting shotgun as a weapon of war.  What the Orlando shooter used was not a “weapon of war” — it was simply a rifle which was used to murder.  This incident has led to attacks on the whole idea of civilians owning weapons like the AR-15 (which was not, contrary to media claims, used in this attack), which is the most popular rifle in America.  You might say it is the replacement of the old Winchester lever-action rifle of the old days as far as popularity and utility of purpose.  It is used for hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.  It may look like a “weapon of war,” but looks don’t make it so.

and perhaps some untreated anger and mental health challenges all appear to have contributed to the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history, 

This false narrative has been developed by the media and the politicians so as to blame everything but the murderer’s motive — killing in the name of Islam.  And Evans propagates the lie.

and I believe it is right and good to name those things even as we pause to “weep with those who weep” and even as we caution against simplistic answers that only serve to further ostracize already marginalized groups, like our Muslim neighbors or those who struggle with mental illness.

She speaks against “simplistic answers” all the while promoting her own!  No one is ostracizing anyone in regard to this attack.  But making people “victims” of evil Christians is the LEFTIST narrative, which is promoted by Evans.

That said, I want to try to articulate something I’ve been hearing from my LGBT friends.

As a “Christian” Evans should know there is no such thing as “LGBT.”  People are NOT their sexual behaviors; they are people who practice sexual behaviors.  Sexual desires are not a person’s identity and the reason they became so was to promote the idea of “minority rights.”  Looking at the individual letters gives more clarification:

L = Lesbian, G = Gay.  Both these mean the same thing – persons who practice homosexual behavior.  God calls it an abomination.

B = Bisexual, meaning persons who have sexual relations with either sex.  Since sexual relations with an opposite sex partner is normal biologically (yet outside of marriage it is a sin), these people should really be in the homosexual behavior group but want the societal recognition by riding the coat-tails as a distinct identity.

T = “Transgender.”  This made-up term is for people who “feel” like they are members of the opposite sex.  No amount of self-mutilation or hormones will change what the person really is — what they were born as.  The use of this term only enables such people in their psychologically unhealthy self-delusion.

Christians should not use any of these terms, but rather identify the practitioners simply as people who are sinning grievously.

as they’ve been processing the responses of Christian leaders over the last 24-hours: Many of these leaders have publicly grieved the massacre and called for Christians to “simply love” the LGBT community in this hour of need…which is good; that’s the right thing to do. 

The “love” to be extended is just the love of God for humanity in general.  Nothing more, nothing less.

But what I’m hearing from my Christian LGBT friends in particular is that these calls to grieve and love ring a bit hollow when coming from pastors and church leaders who have never spoken out about hate and violence directed against LGBT people before or who have spent years perpetuating the very misinformation, stereotypes, and theology that hurt LGBT people every day.

What Evans seeks here is that to have real “love” for people practicing self-destructive lifestyles is to not mention that they are living in abject sin and rebellion against God.  Christian leaders speak out against “hate and violence” directed at ALL people, so there is no need to single out one group just because of their sexual behaviors.  I’ve yet to meet or read any Christian who perpetuates “misinformation, stereotypes” about such practitioners, rather they speak the truth about what the lifestyle does to them physically, medically, emotionally and spiritually.  And the theology preached against such behavior is the truth of God.  If “LGBT” people are “hurt” by the truth, then that is their problem and not the problem of the theology.  Evans’ idea of theology is to sanction homosexual behavior and the self-delusion of sexual “identity.”

Oh, and she has no “Christian LGBT” friends.  They may claim to be Christian, but their actions show otherwise.  Scripture say that those who love Christ will obey his commands and not self-justify behaving in a way which God calls an abomination.  These people worship another Jesus and not the one of the Bible.

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