Christians and Halloween: Where do you land?

English: Wacky witch flying her broom.

Many Christians are reconsidering how they approach a culturally favorite tradition – especially in America – Halloween. Do we avoid it entirely, leverage it as an outreach opportunity, or keep the traditions of candy, princess and superhero costumes?

Not all Christians take part in Halloween. Some have taken a step back to rethink this tradition, and they’ve changed how they look at Halloween. You’ll see folks today abstain from the rituals, wishing to be set apart from this event and it’s occultic origins to honor God. Others say they honor God through Halloween by making it a Christian outreach — a time to share the Gospel with the lost. Still other Christians say we have the freedom in Christ to dress up in costumes, attend secular or church-based festivals, and take their children trick-or-treating.

What is the right thing to do, and is there a biblical response to Halloween? And even if you don’t take part, what happens when this tradition literally rings your doorbell once a year?

Amy Spreeman and Caryl Matrisciana

In 2013 I was able to interview my dear friend, the late film maker and best selling author Caryl Matrisciana. Caryl was a well-known expert on ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. She was a best-selling author, journalist, researcher and co-produced or contributed research and expertise to more than 70 documentaries for over 30 years.

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Caryl Productions most popular 2011 DVD release WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity – VOLUME ONE is a must-see, and she produced many excellent films since.

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