Dr. Michael Brown scolds Bill Johnson’s “critics” for skipping radio show

Dr. Michael Brown took to Twitter today to express disappointment that non-Charismatic Christians skipped out on the opportunity to be on the radio and challenge Brown’s support of notorious NAR cult leader Bill Johnson of Bethel in Redding, Calif.


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Calling discerning Christians “critics” with “perverted doctrine,” Johnson humbly attacked two well-known Christian apologists on Brown’s “The Line Of Fire” call-in radio show as an invited guest earlier this week.

Brown begins by telling listeners he wants critics to know what makes Bill Johnson’s heart beat, and what Johnson’s latest book, God is Good, is all about. He also said he wanted to give Johnson a chance to respond to those who question the charges of heresy Johnson is well known for teaching.

“You’re not one to respond in kind,” says Brown of Pastor Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church, and Wretched Radio’s Todd Friel. “As a brother in the Lord, how do you feel about the criticism of Bethel and Jesus Culture that flows out of Bethel music?”

“Sad,” says Johnson. “I hope they will not have to reap the seeds they have sown. A lot of times they believe rumor or speculation or their own to me perverted doctrine that distorts how we’re supposed to live life.”

Check out this review of that interview at Churchwatch Central’s  When liars defend liars: Dr Michael Brown whitewashes the heresies of Bill Johnson:

There were more serious questions Michael Brown failed to address in his interview, such as: “What is the New Apostolic Reformation and are how are you a part of it?”

Folks – Dr Brown is demonstrating a total lack of discernment. If Dr Brown has heard claims that someone is a “heretic” and a “false prophet”, do you think that person will confess to being a heretic and a false prophet? To insist that a heretic is a Christian brother while deliberately misrepresenting Christians brothers such as Todd Friel and Phil Johnson – says enough about the subtle deceptive nature of NARpostle Dr. Michael Brown. You do not give a false teacher air time to convince people they are legitimate. False teachers speak the language of Satan, for the truth is not in them. They will happily lie and distort the truth to further their own ‘devilish’ agenda.

Here’s the entire interview, in which Johnson denies teaching heresy including “grave-sucking.”

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