What is “hateful?”


We often get letters accusing us of being hateful when we post warnings for the church. Especially when we report the news of someone held in high regard. Often these rebukes come with accusations that we have lost our salvation or were never Christians.

We draw more ire from Christians when we’ve shared on the downslide of doctrinal dedication from loved leaders. (Some of the most vitriolic letters I’ve received are from pastors!)  This is one of many letters from those who know, love, and follow Calvary Chapel’s Brian Brodersen:

You need to stop your libelous lies. You need Jesus the Christ in your organization as from your post you do not love your brethren. Loving does not mean you have to agree but your post are filled with hatefilled joy. You have been totally hateful and hate filled in your post about Brian [Brodersen]. I do not go to that church but after reading your post and discerned how you go after Brian for a non essential issue I believe that you are not of the Lord as in 1st John it talks about loving one another. You are trying to get people to believe your post since you claim for yourself the name berean.

I have told thousands through the Christian community to ignore you and your hate fill illogical post and sight. Most of them state they already do. Which is fine discernement on their part. It is illogical as it is filled with illogical fallacies which show me that your statements are irrational for all illofical fallacies are irrational, you used an illogical fallacy therefore your statements are irrational – a categorical syllogism and is valid.

I want to take the opportunity to assure our readers that we do not post these things with glee. My heart breaks daily for the direction the visible Church is heading, and for those who are being deceived daily in new and grievous ways. My only role is to report the news and hold these movements up to the light of Scripture. We love and care for the sheep enough to lose friends and readers over what we report.

As for the current story at hand, I also assure you we do not “hate” Brian, nor did I selectively cherry-pick his quotes, but rather included the full transcripts of his video statements as well as his entire letter to the 1,600 CC pastors whom are now facing a decision: Go with Brian’s New Calvary vision, or stick with the original doctrinal distinctives set forth by the movement’s founder. And I do pray that Brodersen and those following in his footsteps will see the damage that is being done – not by those reporting – but by those who are abandoning the sheep.

I share these things not for sympathy or to “build camps.” I don’t mind disagreements, and I don’t mind angry letters.  If you think we’ve been unfair in any of our reporting, please do send us mail. But ask yourself first why you are angry and what you are angry about.

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