AWANA Now Teaching Children to Hear the Voice of God?

“It is important to remember that a conversation involves two people talking.  We need to make sure that we are taking time to listen to God speak to us too.”

Apparently that is how AWANA Club students are being instructed to hear extra-biblical voices. But the Bible never tells us to pray this way. When we pray, we SAY, according to Jesus’ instructions to His disciples. We make our petitions known to Him (He already knows, of course), and we study what He has already spoken in his Word to us which He has breathed out for His children.

Unfortunately, this type of Contemplative Prayer is seeping into ministries that are now infecting little lambs.

Kudos to Lighthouse Trails for alerting parents to this, and for asking the great questions:

“We thought AWANA clubs purpose was to teach children the Word of God through memorization. Since when did they take it upon themselves to teach children to listen to God’s voice in two-way conversations during prayer? Is this not a gateway into Christian mysticism?

Regardless of what one believes about hearing God’s voice outside of Scripture, how is it AWANA’s place to teach children to engage in possibly dangerous “conversations”? Will they also be teaching children about discerning of spirits (that is, testing the spirits – 1 John 4:1-6) and that there are demonic spirits that are “speaking” to people? We hope so. AWANA is supposed to be teaching children the Word of God, helping children to store up God’s Word in their hearts. They now want to teach them how to take part in subjective mystical experiences. Remember, this is coming from an organization that has been promoting Spiritual Formation for several years. How can we trust them to teach children this? Will it not surely be slanted by proponents of contemplative spirituality?”

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